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geez, you two are carrying on over here without gammonwoman and me?? we can all hold mike-e any time.   {|

btw, i love the new theme.

oh i see how you are puddin...I leave for a little bit and you are hitting on members.....

so I am just jealous i was not included.  ]**] :kuss: {|

Oh a hugging war ??..well Hugs for everyone with Mike-e in the middle  {|

rob, i LOVE this holiday theme!!    :danceC:  soooooo  :Xmas:  yeah, we can all group hug with mike-e as our center!!    :holidayC: :holidayC: :holidayC: :danceC:  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Healthy, fun New Year to all RFF!!!!! :thumbC: :thumbC:  best reality site on the net!! :grinC:  thanks to all my friends responsible :kissC:

Hey Gammy , lets make Mike-e the creme in the center of the oreo cookie  ;;)  :)*



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