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I live in Kansas.  I work with 3 people that know Danni.  Her grandmother has told everyone that she won the Survivor 11.  Very disappointing knowing who already won.

 thank's for the news rshadduck ..

 _^% _^%  rshadduck & thanks for the tip!  I wouldn't mind Danni winning as she's played a good game so far.  I like her!  |#'

No way that they know the winner at this point ~ they reveal votes at finally.  Could be a happy Grandma or she could be final 2.  However beign that it is immediate family, I think Danni would be in alot of trouble at this point for talking with Grandma.

It coudl still happend . . . .just keep that in mind

i think it's grandma's wishful thinking here. i would really love for her to win but she's more than likely going to be an early jury target. especially if brandon and bobby jon go sooner than later.


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