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Survivor Insider Transcripts Episode 7
« on: October 31, 2005, 10:31:40 AM »
thanks to Survivorfever

Survivor Insider Transcripts
Survivor: Guatemala Episode 7
Transcripts courtesy of James Barber

About Survivor Insider:  Survivor Insider includes never before seen on TV video clips from each episode. 
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BOBBY JON: You know Amy, I don't know how much longer I'm gonna stay out here, but I'll tell you what, you're the strongest, most real human being I've ever met in my entire life. My entire life. I won't ever meet anybody more real than you, ever.

DANNI: I wish we could've met on day 1, because I think things would have been much different. I hope you'll forgive me, and I can still experience my first Red Sox game and eat some of that famous clam chowder at Fenway Park. And ya gotta quit rooting for the Patriots, you're killing me.

BRANDON: Amy, I hope that you can respect that I'm a man of my word, and I also want you to know that the day I told you you're one of the most incredible women I've ever met, I wasn't lying.

AMY: Bobby Jon, I'm just going in alphabetical order, baby. Just throwing a name out there. Good luck.

GARY: Amy, you're awesome. Camp's just not gonna be the same without your smile and your attitude. God bless you.



Clip Description:  Danni accesses the situation in her tribe, and recognizes the importance of alliances.

DANNI (solo):

Definitely the hardest part for me in the game is voting people out. If I don't like somebody, it's not going to be hard to vote for them, still, writing somebody's name down is difficult, but if you don't like them, it's a little bit easier. When you get to this point where you really like people and you have to vote them out, it's really hard. It's almost to the point where you wanna say, 'Take me out of the game, so you can be in there.' I'd probably be tempted to do that a few times but my family would kill me if I did (laughs), so I can't, but that's really, really hard for me, and I feel like I'm not very good at all that, just working it, it's like I'm trying to fight for people at the same time having to vote them off.


I have a huge heart and I always root for the underdog, so it's really hard for me. Like in school, I was never part of cliques, I couldn't stand that, I'd always eat lunch with somebody different every day, so I knew that would be my biggest weakness coming into here. It's just gonna be hard. You have to be cliquish and have your group you stick with, and that's it, and it's really hard for me to do that.


I think Amy, the thing that makes her the underdog is the ankle. You could say she's not as good in challenges, but she's strong, she's physical. I think her only weakness is her ankle. I thought at one point it might be that she swears all the time, that'd get on people's nerves, she can be loud, but you love it! She's hilarious. It's a lot of fun. I don't really think there's a major underdog among us, but if there was, it'd be her, because of the ankle.



Clip Description:  Shortly after watching Jeff Probst extinguish her torch, Amy delivers her final words.

I'm very proud of myself, getting this far. I had a blast. I've goal was to learn something about myself I never knew. I'm so grateful for the things I have in life - my family, my friends, my nieces. You're ripped down to your soul here in Guatemala, you have absolutely nothing. And I've learned a tremendous amount of things I never knew about myself, and I will continue to learn after this journey is over, when I get home. I had a great time, I'm proud of the way I played, I had a great offer at the end there. I gave my guys a 1-in-9 shot, I would've made it very interesting, probably went down in Survivor history as I continued to sell myself. I made some great friends, I had a great time, and I wouldn't want it any other way. I think Yaxha at this point is at a huge disadvantage, because Nakum will play the numbers game and pick them off 1 by 1. So they have to be very careful. They have to try to work it over there. A couple of people already told me they're not good working at that type of thing over there, I just hope they can fast themselves and one of them can come out with a million dollars.


You know, the only minor thing I think about when I played this game was I assumed Gary and I would be the next to go if we lost an immunity challenge. I always thought I could maybe break the 3 old Nakum tribe members down. I learned in the end that that was a possibility, but I still felt they were gonna hold strong. Gary and I were next. So as far as regrets, no, I don't have any. I would've played the same way.



Clip Description:  Amy had a good night and wants to tell us all about it. Sleep deprivation isn't her biggest problem, however.  Find out what's been keeping her awake.

AMY (early morning, solo):

The night was pretty good. I probably slept the most since I've been here. I slept by the fire and I was warm all night, so I feel pretty good, cause I haven't slept this good since I been here.


Probably started to rain about an hour ago. Wasn't really a downpour, just drizzling, so we all got up and went into the shelter, just napped there. I feel really good today.


Last night I sat so close to the fire the bugs weren't bad, but once it starts to rain under the shelter, the bugs are just - it's bad, it's bad, the bugs. It's fricking unbelievable. It's not like 1 or 2 mosquitoes bites at home, it's like 25 on one leg and 35 on the other leg. I have 100 mosquito bites on my body alone. They just go everywhere.


This is a huge day today. Probably the biggest day since I been here.


Very important for my tribe to win immunity. It's important for me personally. (video cuts off)



Clip Description:  Ex-quarterback Gary considers himself as vulnerable as Amy in the impending Tribal Council.

GARY (solo):

"We had an immunity challenge today. It was a puzzle, finding pieces of the puzzle and then digging them out and putting together a giant puzzle. We were ahead most of the way by a couple pieces and then we couldn't find the last piece, and they jumped in front of us and got about 5 or 6 pieces of the puzzle put together and we just couldn't catch up. Everybody did as well as they could and we just couldn't find that last piece of the puzzle and that's just the way it flows. Not a good loss for us because we have 5 on our tribe and now 1 has to go. I'm as vulnerable as anybody. Amy and I are the most vulnerable. So I'm not gonna be surprised at anything. Sounds like they could be leaning towards Amy but they could be pulling the wool over my eyes. I don't know. If I do go, I played as hard as I could and I feel good about that; if I don't go, I'm gonna keep fighting.


We got back to camp, and Amy immediately said, 'Hey, I'm gonna talk to everybody, Gary. I'm not gonna say anything bad about you, but I've gotta sell myself.' I said, 'I'm fine with that, you do what you have to do, and what happens, happens.' And I feel that way too. I told Amy yesterday because she said we're gonna have to be fighting for it, and I said, 'You sell yourself, I'm just not gonna say anything bad about you, because I have a lot of respect for you.' I told her, 'Just point out the good things you've done in the game, and people decide what they decide.' I feel good, but I wouldn't be surprised if I went. It's just that kinda game.


Well, there's 5 of us. 3 who were original Nakum members, and Amy and myself who were original Yaxha. So Brandon, Bobby Jon and Danni I think were tight when they came over here; now they have talked to me about being part of their foursome, but again, it's a game, you can play anybody at any time. I feel confident with those three, I feel they're really honest - not that you're not honest if you're playing somebody - I just feel like they're telling me the truth. If not, hey, more power to 'em. In all truthfulness, I'd like to see Brandon, or Amy, or Danni or Bobby Jon win the whole thing. I would just feel comfortable with them winning it if it wasn't me. Now Bobby Jon has had his shot before, this is his second time, so that might play against him, but he's still a great kid. Hard worker.



Clip Description:  The morning after being voted out of her tribe, Amy is sad to leave but feels satisfied that she tried her best.  She wants us to have no doubts that Survivor is for real.

Obviously, I knew I was being voted out, it was out in the open. I played 'til the last minute; I tried to stay. I'm devastated. I wanted to stay, wanted to be part of the jury, I could've really heated some things up. The fact that I'm out though, I'm proud of what I've done. I was the eight person voted out, I wasn't voted out first, second, or third, I wanted to play a little, so I feel good about where I stand.


You know, I thought I held up well physically and mentally. I'm at a point in my life where I don't have that little doubt that says, 'Give up'; it never crossed my mind. I could've been walking without legs and hands, I wasn't gonna give up. Physically, I felt good, and mentally, I felt good. I wasn't sick or anything like that. Felt great.


I just need to get the point across here, I want everybody to know, cause I've sat home many times watching Survivor , saying, 'Oh, that can't be real,' or, 'Oh, they can't be doing that,' and let me tell you - this is no joke. No joke. I went without food or water for 2 days. I had 150 mosquito bites on my body at one time. I'm sleeping on the jungle floor. There's all kinds of tarantulas out there. I've seen crocodiles. It's no joke out here. It's for real. For real. I don't care if you're the biggest outdoorsman, hunter, this isn't gonna be easy for you. It isn't. Cause we had people like that and it's a struggle. It's an unbelievable struggle.


Well, first of all, we had days that were 120 degrees. You can't go in the water and dunk yourself cause it's crocodile infested. The first challenge was a freaking 11-mile trek through the jungle. Of course we get lost - it's damn 15 miles in the jungle! It's not like you're on a nice little trek going on a trail - I don't think so. This trek was up hills, down hills, there's no path. You shoulda had a machete to chop things outta your way. You're literally climbing through vines like this, trying to get through. Uphill, downhill. It was freaking crazy,'s unbelievable. You can trek all you want, but you haven't done this trek. There's no trail, you're going down hills like this, you're climbing up hills with a freaking 50 pounds of corn on your back. I don't think there was any Survivor like that. You're not getting any water, you're delirious, it was crazy. I had to do 15 miles in that jungle, cause we got lost. You look around, there is no trail, you're just surrounded by things this close, and you have to climb through every little piece. It was unbelievable.


Well, the staple of our food was corn. Not like corn in a can - salted, nice taste with a little butter on it - I don't think so. This corn we had to mash up, in the beginning we had to mash up, which took like 20 minutes. Then we had corn mush, we created a burnt corn type of plate thing. We ate corn twice a day, and I'm not gonna be eating corn for a while. I'm just not gonna do it. I think out of everybody there, I hung with the corn though. Hunger was not my problem, I thought about food at times and I said, 'I can deal with this corn,' and I did. I was surprised. The hunger surprised me but I hung with the hunger. I hung with the corn. We had those little fish, I ate those, eyeballs and all. I just sucked it up. don't think I'd do that at home, but I did alright. I hung with the food. I didn't suffer from hunger as some of the other people did.


Well, the first couple of days, I thought I smelled hot dogs. I don't like hot dogs, by the way, but the first couple of days I had a memory of growing up and one of our nights at home we had hot dogs and beans. I remember sitting down with my family, so I craved hot dogs and beans. Then as the days went on, you start thinking about sex, even though you're a filthy, dirty mess, so at night you start thinking about it. So hot dogs and beans, Just give me a beer somebody, please. I just want an ice cold beer. Food in general. When we won that chocolate reward, I don't really like chocolate, I'm not a sweet Like I said, it wasn't my number one priority, but when you start talking about food, like it's going out of...we just start talking about food. Day 2 we were talking about it. I would say those 2 things come to my mind.


I was devastated when I knew I was going; it was upsetting to me. I had to hold back tears the whole entire time. Not cry in front of my tribe, not cry on TV. It was hard. I would just bend down like pretend itching mosquito bites. I held it in. I was devastated. Not because I didn't have a chance for the million dollars, but you get this bond with people you're going through a tough time with, and to finally leave them, that's what hurt me more, man, surprisingly, than not having a chance at a million dollars. Mentally, I prepared myself, because I knew my name was gonna come down, but I prepared myself because I knew I was gonna be upset to be going.


You know, I felt I wouldn't have changed a thing to play this game. I felt good where I stood. I feel there's a little luck in this game and the luck didn't go my way. I wouldn't change a damn thing in this game. There's a little luck, too. So when Jeff said, 'Hey, your tribe has spoken,' I was prepared for it. I was the eighth person voted out, not the first or second which I didn't want to be. I felt good, but I still wanted to be there, definitely I wanted to be there.


For me, I think it was a numbers game. There was 3 strong Nakum there, Gary's a leader and they sort of got along with him a little bit. I think I had 3 strong Nakum, that was my downfall. I think I could have worked that better at the beginning; I did at the end. It was a numbers game. If I had been on the other side, it could've been different, but again, that's all luck and you can't talk about something that didn't happen.


Well, when I came into this game, the one thing I wanted was to learn something about myself I never knew. I sorta reaffirmed who I am. I was never gonna give up. I never had doubt in my mind. I reaffirmed that for myself. I think I'm gonna be more grateful in my life for things I take for granted. Like my family - I think about - I get upset about taking them for granted. I think about not calling my mother for 2 weeks and she's calling me back. Not seeing my father as much, or my in-laws as much, and just little things in life. A pillow, a glass of ice water when I want it, an apple, everything. Just the comforts of life I've lived without. So I feel I've changed enormously. I'm gonna be more grateful and not as selfish.



Clip Description:  Ex-NFL quarterback Gary Hogeboom is determined not to blow his cover.  He'll never admit his true identity to his tribemates.

(Yaxha and Nakum together at Yaxha's pool.

JAMIE: What is it I hear about you being a professional football player?

GARY: I'm not.

JAMIE (solo): There was a rumor when we got to camp here that Gary was a professional football player.

(chatter; Gary tells them, "I wish I was")

GARY (solo): I'm totally gonna deny that I'm Gary Hogeboom 'til the end. I'm not gonna blow my strategy. That's my cover. I'm keeping it.


Joyride Through the Jungle
Clip Description:  Yaxha won the reward challenge and they're taking us with them as they suit up and zip from tree top to tree top in their tour of the beautiful jungle canopy.

Danni:  <at zipline> This is crazy.

Bobby Jon:  <at zipline> I feel like an astronaut.

Amy: <at zipline>  I'm afraid of heights.  I'm petrified right now.

Bobby Jon: <confessional> We won a reward challenge.  I was amazing.  We got to swing through the jungle on a zipline.  We really needed some momentum and we got it.  I don't care if we won a ziplock baggie full of saw dust.  I don't care what it was.  We won and that was very, very exciting for us.

Amy: <confessional>  Oh my god, the zipline you had this harness thing on.  You buckle onto this big cable.  Then you fly on the cable through the jungle to the next station.  And you're up high.  Of course I'm a afraid of heights.  It's a little frightening.

Amy: <at zipline>  Does anyone want to come with me?  Oh my God.

Bobby Jon:  There you go, Amy!

Amy:  Oh my God.  Frightening.  Absolutely frightening.

Bobby Jon:  <confessional> You couldn't ask for a better reward.  Just going through the jungle with the wind hitting your face.  I've never done anything like that in my entire life and will probably never do it again.  That was fun, that was real fun.

Brandon: <at zipline> Man that is awesome.

Amy: <at zipline> How many more legs do we got of this? 

Amy:  <confessional> An unbelievable experience for me just a lifetime experience.

Bobby Jon:  <confessional>  At the end of the zipline was the most chocolate I've ever seen in my life.  It was a chocolate fest.  Cake, cookies, praline, strawberries.  You name it, it was there.

Brandon:  I pigged out.  I've never pigged out on that much chocolate ever.  I feel kind of sick.  I'm almost sick of chocolate.

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