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Jenn Lyons fights Breast cancer

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I can only imagine what she is going fight with canncer was caought early and did not have to have chemo.  She has the strength around her to help, and that is half the battle

 }bH{ Thank God Texan  ]**] !!

puddin, have you heard any more about Jenn Lyons?  I wonder how she is doing.

Hi folks! (and a special shout-out to Rudy Rules!  :waves: )

Here's what Coby has sent me this week regarding Jenn...

"She is fine and starting radiation in the next couple of months. She is doing great so hopefully this will be over soon. I know she filmed the commentary for the dvd set of our season that will be coming that is cool. That is about it...wish i knew more.
love coby"

So keep those thoughts and prayers going folks!  They seem to be helping!

 :waves: to you all!

- Scribe

 :waves: Hey Scribe!
:thankyou: for Coby's update.  I'm so happy to hear Jenn is doing lots better & keeping busy.  Be assured that my prayers continue for her!

Ruday  :tup:

p.s. just heard last nite that my daughter may get to leave the hospital next weekend! Yeah!  :jumpy: She's really working hard to get home soon. Will post more info tomorrow night in the Hey Rudy thread...after my visit with her today...


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