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Jenn Lyons fights Breast cancer

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I saw the article in the People magazine and read this on Coby's Blog. Good Luck Jenn, our thougths are with you!


 10/21/05 9:57 pm
If you want to show Jenn some support you can contact her on her website..


 10/21/05 9:39 pm
I know you guys love it when I give up some fun dish about the show and I will later in the week...I still have plenty to say about worries :)

Another serious blog for now but is from the heart...

I just got back today from being with Jenn Lyon at home with her family in Portland and we shaved our heads together! She did mine and I did is that for tit for tat? For those of you who don't know Jenn is starting the fight against breast cancer. If you want to know the ins and outs of what exactly is happening with her right now go pick up the latest copy of People and US Weekly...I won't go into the detials here. But know Jenn is loved, strong and I feel beyond lucky to know her much less to have been there to share this experience. Our shavings will be on Inside Edition in the coming week probably on Tuesday. They also filmed her first go round with chemo so people can understand what they might go through if this happens to them. Jenn is also hoping that sharing her story might get others to check themselves. I hope it does.

When I got home today I found out that my baby was checked into the hospital while I was gone for a staph infection. She is still there. She is as strong as Jenn is and I know she too will pull through this. Don't feel sorry for me, I have a wonderful family who supports me, my best friend Amanda is at the hospital right now with her so I can talk to you guys and to go get a good nights sleep.

And believe it or not both of these stories relate to last nights episode for me as I watched my favorite player of the season Brian. I also watched my Margaret fall as the numbers where stacked against her. Margaret I know how it feels.

I know that Brian and Margaret know that they have just had the experience of a lifetime but what they don't know yet is the power of the game that will stay with them for a lifetime. Because whether you placed 1st or last...5th...or will always be a Survivor.

As a looked at my friend Jenn cry as she got her last dose of the chemo...and as I held my daughter tonight in the is always in the back of my mind.

I talked to Jenn's mom who said she didn't know what she would do if this would have happened a year ago before Survivor because she knows the strength that this 'game' had given her daughter.

So my salute to you two is simple...Brian and Margaret...

Welcome to the club and feel the power that is Survivor.


Here is a link ot the People article,19736,1118164,00.html

Here is waht is on the web ~ not whole story

Former Survivor Battles Breast Cancer

Friday Oct 14, 2005 5:00pm EST


Jenn Lyon had it all – beauty and reality-TV fame as a competitor on Survivor: Palau. Now, the 33-year-old tells PEOPLE about breast cancer – and why for her reconstructive surgery was the first step to feeling better

In the summer of 2004, I felt something in my right breast that didn't feel normal. They always describe cancer in terms of a pea, right? Well, this was more like several rocks strung together. I thought it was probably scar tissue related to my breast implants. So I let it go—for a long time.

I got my saline implants six years ago. It was just something in my head that I thought I needed to do for self-esteem, to balance myself out. Before, I was a large A-cup, and the implants changed me to a small C-cup.

At the time I noticed the lumps I didn't have insurance, which was a big part of why I didn't get it checked immediately. I went on the Internet and thought, "It is scar tissue. No big deal." But a year later, I felt another lump right in the center of the breast and something in my right armpit. I saw a surgeon who said, "I'm pretty sure you have breast cancer." After a mammogram, an ultrasound and a biopsy, it was confirmed—stage III.

I opted to get a modified, radical bilateral mastectomy on Aug. 29 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. A surgeon removed both my breasts and 29 lymph nodes.

After my mastectomy, a plastic surgeon put in "spacers" to expand my chest muscles to make room for the new implants—smaller silicone implants this time. A second operation Oct. 5 completed the process. My new implants have been a huge boost to my spirit.

In a week or so, I start a four- to six-month course of chemotherapy, followed by tamoxifen, a drug designed to prevent a recurrence. My doctor has warned me I may stop having my period and go into early menopause. That’s tough because I haven't had kids yet.

Being on Survivor has helped in every sense of the word. My doctor told me, "You have beautiful hair, and you’re going to lose it." But Coby Archa, the Texas hairdresser who was in my Survivor tribe, says he's going to shave my head for me—and shave his too. Survivor taught me there’s an end in sight. As hard as it is, it will be over, and you have to appreciate every day.

It says for the whole story go buy the magazine...


--- Quote from: Texan_Survivor on October 26, 2005, 01:01:16 PM ---If you want to show Jenn some support you can contact her on her website..

--- End quote ---

Hi folks.  Coby has graciously provided me with an address to send something to Jenn.  I am putting together a booklet of well wishes from her fans, regardless of what community they are from.  If you'd like to send a message, please feel free to post one here or e-mail it to me at and I'll include it.  I hope to send these out by the end of this week (Nov. 11th).

- Mediascribe

Scribe that is great thanks!!!

Sadly, things are not good for Jenn right now.  Coby (who is really a nice guy to his fans!) has given me an update today which I'll share with you...

"Jenn is NOT doing well. She had complications and had to go back to LA to get rid of a infection. She was there for about a week and now back in portland.

Also, her sister-in-law just passed away of brain cancer last week as her family who was already helping Jenn is helping their son raise his 2 young sons...they have alot on their plate right now, so please keep up the sweet thoughts."

If you haven't sent me a support message to get to Jenn but would like to, you still have time.  I'm still putting things together for her.  Post it here, contact me via PM or e-mail it to me at



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