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Survivor Insider; Guatemala, Episode 6
« on: October 21, 2005, 08:14:27 PM »
Survivor Insider; Guatemala, Episode 6 thanks to DCReads

Welcome to Survivor Insider!

DC Notes: Great Tribal Council clips this week. The biggest shocker? Brian himself told Rafe to give Gary immunity as part of his master plan.

Left to go:

Margaret Day After
Brian Day After
Special Delivery

Yaxha Tribal Council
Brian Voted Out
Transcribed by DCReads56

Gary (Votes Brian): Brian, youíre a great kid. Youíre going to be successful. But youíre way too smart. Good luck.

Brian (Votes Bobby Jon): This would be the Outwit part of Outwit-Outplay-Outlast. I didnít fight to get out of a minority only to be put back into it tonight. I hope Rafe understood why I told him that Gary needed immunity because Gary shouldnít be getting votes anyway. I hope my plan didnít mess up.

Bobby Jon (Votes Brian): Brian, youíre a great kid with a ton of heart. Youíve done a remarkable job. You should be proud of yourself.

Amy (Votes Brian): Brian, Iím voting for you. Itís either you or me, brother. Good luck.

Brandon (Votes Brian): Brian, youíre one of the most generous guys Iíve ever met, but I have to stay true to my alliance.

Danni (Votes Brian): I really wish you hadnít given the immunity away because that would have made the decision a little bit easier. I think youíre an awesome guy. Itís very hard to write your name down. Youíre a gentleman and your mom should be proud of you.

Nakum Tribal Council
Margaret Voted Out
Transcribed by DCReads56

DC Notes: I was wondering why Stephenie had such a snotty look on her face when they showed her in the credits.

Jamie (Votes Marg): Ever since the tribes switched over you have had your head down and youíre always depressed. We knew you came to try to get Nakumís first tribe together and get rid of the old Yaxha. Itís not a team game. Weíre trying to keep the best and get rid of the weak. You are the weakest link and it makes me so angry how you could Ė how you rode coattails when the other teamís better and then when you had to play underdog you just couldnít handle it. You just gave up and died. You have no heart. So itís the country boy writing the doctorís prescription to get out of the jungle. Stay away from my tribe.

Lydia (Votes Margaret): What a wonderful person you are. I really enjoyed having a 1 to 1 talk with you, sharing recipes, sharing ideas, laughing. But you gotta remember this is the game and the tribe has spoken.

Judd (Votes Margaret): Hey Margaret, if you leave this jungle now, itís not soon enough, man. Get out NOW!

Stephenie (Votes Margaret): Margaret, youíve caused way too much tension especially with one of our strongest. Oh! And I didnít like your comments about me making the same mistake that I made on Palau! I think you made a huge mistake! See you later.

Rafe (Votes Margaret): Margaret, youíre a strong intelligent woman and Iím sorry that you let your problems with Judd cripple you in this game. I hope you have the best of luck.

Cindy (Votes Margaret): My voteís for a tough lady with a soft heart. Thanks for caring, playing the game, listening, and knowing all the differences. Thanks a lot. Good luck.

Margaret (Votes Judd): Judd, youíre a boy, youíre self-righteous, youíre rude, youíre profane. And for all those reasons youíve probably gotten this far. However, no one like you deserves a million dollars. My voteís for you, buddy.

Final Words
Transcribed by DCReads56

Brian: Well I certainly went down fighting. I said Iíd come and play this game and smile the entire time and I did everything I could. And I think maybe they thought I was scheming too quickly. I think they probably thought they couldnít trust me. Which is fine. Iím really glad that they are playing a good game.

I did not see that coming which is how I wanted to go out. I knew if I was going to go out of this game before the win I would definitely not want to know, because if I knew Iíd feel like I shouldíve been able to do something about it. So the fact that they pulled one over on me Ė Iím really proud of them. Iím glad theyíre playing the game.

Of course to disappoint my family and friends. I came out here for you guys and I love you all. I hope you donít make fun of me! It was a great time. I was out here 15 days. You know, I never once felt fatigued. I tried not to complain at all. The food was great. I didnít mind the corn at all.

The people who voted me out were good people. I guess they did the right thing in their eyes. They thought I was scheming too much. I wasnít about to let Amy go Ė well, I could have let Amy go instead of me of course, but I wasnít about to let Amy go and put me in the minority again. I really thought I had a good plan going in. I know I played this game very hard and Iím glad to know they are playing it harder. So good luck to everybody and I love my family and friends and everyone I work with and my students. I hope youíre proud of me. I hope I didnít disappoint.


Iím happy to say I wouldnít have done anything differently because I didnít know I was going to get voted out! I thought I really had a great plan going in. I thought I was solid and I thought Gary and Amy were on board and other than that I think I played a great game. I think I was great in the physical challenges. I was well liked around camp. There wasnít anything I shouldíve done differently except make sure Gary and Amy were voting my way, which clearly they werenít.


Iím a very secure person and going into this game I knew a lot about myself. I didnít really learn anything about myself here because everything that came out Ė I already knew about myself. I knew that I could handle anything that surrounds me whether itís a torrential downpour or a difficult challenge or people scheming around me. I knew that Iíd be fine. So I left this game exactly as I came in.


A trip to Guatemala is really just amazing. The fact that I got to camp and the fact that I did the 11 mile hike and all these challenges and everything just pushing myself Ė you know, Iíve never really had to push myself like that before. So Iíll take from this experience the fact that I did all these challenges and came out feeling great.

Margaretís Final Words
Transcribed by mollysgrama

Margaret: This was an incredible journey. I learned a lot about myself. I met some amazing people. And most of all I learned thereís no place like home. My best wishes to the Nakum tribe. Iím sure a lot of the tension will be gone now. But the problem hasnít been solved. And I think youíre going to have a lot of trouble down the line, so take care.


At 43 years old, Iím not too old to take on an incredible physical challenge. And the mental challenges that came with this adventure. I know that Iím strong. I also know that being true to myself and going forward with integrity means more to me than anything in the world. Not to be second handed by any bully or any strong arming. The most important thing is to be true to yourself.


Emotions are a big part of the game. You definitely have to hold back a lot of times. You do Ė you have to hold back. You canít show excitement sometimes. You canít show disappointment or being pissed off. And when youíre in the jungle for 15 days with people, it gets on your nerves. The problem is the new Nakum tribe hasnít been with Judd for 15 days. Theyíve only been with him for a few short days. Iíve been with him and no amount of money could make me allow someone like Judd to treat me and bully me like he did. Itís just not in my making, so I had to fend him off. I did what I had to do.

Besides personal losses in my life, this is the most physically challenging thing that Iíve ever had to do in my life. And Iím so excited that I did it.

The Bottom Line
Transcribed by DCReads56

Clip Description: Danni and Gary discuss their plan to vote out Brian before heading to Tribal Council.

Danni (Confessional): I think Bobby Jon and Brandon Ė you know, the decisionís kind of been Brian and I feel like I need to be loyal to Bobby Jon and Brandon. At this point I donít know who Iím going to vote for. You know, I need to talk to Gary and see how he feels about the situation as well.

Danni: I just wanted Ė
Gary: - Yeah
Danni: To make sure weíre all in agreement Ė
Gary: - Yeah
Danni: And I donít know if Amyís ankle is bad, she came right on it and sheís fine.
Danni: And sheís smart Ė
Gary: - Yup
Danni: I mean, I like Brian, heís smart.
Gary: I love Brian. But Ė
Danni: The guys think she might be able to cover Ė
Gary: - Yup
Danni: If they are going girl on girl.

DC Notes: Does Danni really think theyíll do more gender-divided challenges if Nakum only has one girl left? Please.

Gary: - Yup. I say keep Amy.
Danni: Okay.
Gary: Keep Amy over Brian. I mean, this is tough. This is ugly.

Gary (Confessional): Fifteen days weíve been out here with Brian. This is going to be tough because he is such a good kid. The bottom line is itís him or me. And Iím glad itís him and not me.

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Re: Survivor Insider; Guatemala, Episode 6
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2005, 10:06:16 AM »
Both Danni and Brian refer to telling Rafe to give Immunity to Gary.  Wonder if they all got to plead for the immunity neckalce.  So do you think they would have voted out Gary if Brian had Immunity?