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Very Upset!


This may belong in another topic, but I'm so MAD, I dont care :':')

I missed a lot of tonight's Survivor because the local TV stations will pre-empt either part or the entire scheduled programming to go on and on about a possible hurricane.  Where I am (Fort Lauderdale), Wilma may or may not hit here, but the earliest will be Sunday morning!!!

So, in the meantime, and after it hits landfall in Florida, ALL we area allowed to see is information about the the hiurricane!  God!  Does anyone want to sit in front of the TV and see nothing but hurricane stuff 24/7?  I DON'T think so.  Guess I' m also a bit insulted.  Do they think we're so STUPID that we won't stock up on water, food, etc.??  I say give hourly updates as to where the darn thing is and its strength and then get on with regular programming!!!!!!!

Anyway, looking forward to Trevor's recap of tonight's program.

Jill I'm sure Trevor will be here shortly , and I'm sorry about your weather  :':') , if you want you can read the Play by play here ..not the same as Trevors News but if you want to know what happened .......... ]**],7060.0.html

im so srry about the hurricane. jeez that must be purty scary. i remember when there was the huge fire here i felt the same way watching the news cuz survivor was supposed to be on. i hope the hurricane doesn't hit


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