Author Topic: Clique is the new Bitch...  (Read 1576 times)

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Clique is the new Bitch...
« on: October 14, 2005, 03:37:12 PM »
I can't stand the way that teams on the Apprentice shows gang up on 1 member constantly until they are fired. If people ever want to now why high school kids go ****ing crazy and shoot up their schools, they can just watch recent episodes.

The whole game is skewed in the fact that if the team doesn't like you then you can't lead them, if you don't lead them then your seen as not stepping up to the plate, if you don't step up to the plate then someone else is in charge, if someone else is in charge then they either marginalize you or put you in a position of having nothing worthwhile to do, if you don't do anything worthwhile then you are not stepping up to the plate, and the vicious circle continues.

The longer the apprentice goes on, the more future contestants are going to see the if you gang up with someone you have a greater chance to stay in the game. It becomes a popularity contest.

The worst part is that Trump just goes along with it. Trump thinks that if you were a real leader then you could overcome the team and win them back to victory. The fact is though that this is not reality, this is a game. People don't want you to succeed and are therefore predicated to not want to work for you.

Toral is a moron but should not have been fired.

How can you create a mascot for a company and not even have a compnay log on it???!!!
When has the word zip ever been associated with a Blizzard???!!!
What teenager would be interested in zip??!!! ( Yes teenagers like gadgets, but is a metal container that holds blizzard ingredients really a  gadget? Maybe in 1200 B.C.)
Not that the men's hermaphroditic genie was better but at least it had some sort of advertising elements involved.

Do we really believe that the DQ execs were pleased with the ideas? Not a chance. Don't expect to see blizzard gene/genie at your local DQ anytime in the next millennium...

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Re: Clique is the new bitch...
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2005, 03:59:37 PM »
-*^  WoW silvercrank!  You really hit the nail on the head on all accounts!!   )')   Send your post to The Donald!!  I'm not sure what the address is, but you can probably find it on
I totally agree with you!  :t-up:
Ruday  :<(