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Probst may be quitting Survivor

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I'll either write a story about this or go into some depth in Thursday's "Potpourri".  Chalk me up as somebody who thinks that anybody with half a brain could do Jeff Probst's job well and that this is no big loss.

I read an article a while back where Phil Keoghan stated that it was a toss-up between Jeff Probst & himself as to who would host which program...TAR or Survivor.

Perhaps Phil is sick of TAR and will want to replace Jeff on Survivor.  I think that'd be great. 

I'm pretty sick of Jeff, anyway.  He acts like such a tyrant...he's really not at all sympathetic with the contestants.

I read some article that cBS was training Andrew Savage from PI to take Jeff's place. I don't know how reliable the article is.

Beating up on Jiffy has been a cherished pasttime for, oh 10 installments of Survivor.  I've done it, I'll admit.  But I'll say right now that it wouldn't be the same without him.  And I'll add that there is a fair chance it wouldn't be better.

In some ways, the show has hit a wall.  Would a new host shorten or extend the life of the franchise?  I think the expectations for any replacement would be super-high and unrealistic.  And if they re-tread a former player, there's a strong likelihood they'll overestimate how well he (or she?) would do in the new role.

Phil from TAR?  Okay.  That wouldn't be bow-meets-iceberg.  He's a known commodity, though his role in TAR is intro-ing challenges and telling contestants ... "Jack and Jill," [pause several seconds ...] YOU'RE TEAM NUMBER FOUR!"

Phil from TAR was 2nd in line for Jeffy's job when Survivor first started. However, I am thinking that Colby D. from S2 and ASS will get the job! I had not heard about Andrew Savage!!



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