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These will have to do for now untill we get clearer pictures
Here you go guys & gals.. pick them apart ..
nevermind  :cheeky:

some are obvious # 8 Gettysburg
# 9 Lincoln Memorial.

#1  I-95 Washington
#2 could be Jackson hole Wyoming?

#3 Grand Canyon
#5 & #11  Montana??????? Yellowstone Park

#13 new ? old? just throwing this out .. probably wrong, Williamsport Pa. little league NAw

#5 looks like Jackson Hole/Tetons. I'll add a few of my own

An old pueblo or mission?

Old Faithful?

Mississippi riverboat?

Dixieland jazz?

#4 the mountains in the background may be the Sandias--Albuquerque is famous for balloons--but I can't place it.
#13 I'll make a guess and say Williamsport, PA. Notice the Keystone patch on one sleeve.

Good Job Slowhatch ..I missed a bunch .
I think the same about #13 but thought I might get bashed  {l{

There are a lot of riverboats plying the waters for tourists, it turns out. So far, the closest match I've found is in New Orleans


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