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Party continues as Survivor Cindy prevails
« on: September 23, 2005, 06:00:46 PM »
Party continues as Survivor Cindy prevails

Thursday, September 22, 2005 10:08 PM EDT Print this story | Email this story 
Another week and Cindy Hall is still standing. The Maysville native once again proved she has what it takes to be winner on Survivor: Guatemala.

Fans of Hall, and the show, showed their support at O'Rourke's Pub, where the party continued for Hall. Sponsored by the O'Rourke's and The Ledger Independent, people filled the pub to enjoy the show, the company and the food.

This week brown shirts with yellow lettering were sold by The Ledger Independent. Yellow is the color of Hall's tribe, Nakum. Proceeds from the shirts go to help Hurricane Katrina victims.

Hall made up time in a race for fishing supplies that Bobby Jon nearly blew. He was the first member of Nakum to tackle the race, climb on a rope web, secure a bag and swim back to the race track and his team. Bobby Jon bumbled the whole thing coming in way behind Yaxha.

Taking her turn second, Hall jumped into the race and made back it to the starting point way ahead of Yaxha.

Nakum took their fishing supplies, hopped in their boat and went fishing. Meanwhile Yaxha team members Gary and Rafe dug for ants to feed their tribe. Lydia, the 43-year-old fish monger, made a minnow trap and provided the team with protein.

Cindy Hall
The second challenge for immunity found the Nakum tribe tied to the Yaxha tribe in a tug of war. Neither team moved far enough to grasp the rope which could pull them to victory. They moved on to individual showdowns.

Nakum sent up heavyweight Judd, who was bashing Blake because he lies around camp and lets the others wait on him, especially nurse Margaret. Wanting to be the hero for once, Judd pulled ex-footballer Gary into the pits. Gary, trying to save his team, jumped up and tackled Judd, who had grabbed the rope. The tackle was in vain, because Judd was too far ahead.

The goal was to get three flags by reaching the rope and pulling to the end of the pit. Judd scored the first flag for Nakum.

Yaxha saw another loss when Nakum's Brandon got the second flag. Judd took the rope again and another flag. Yaxha was left to vote a member out of the tribe.

Although Rafe was the first Yaxha member to blunder in the challenge for fishing gear, it was Lydia and Morgan who were considered for a vote off. Tribe members said Morgan didn't do anything around camp. Lydia had performed well in all challenges and had provided food for her tribe, but her age was against her in the end. Finally the tribe realized how important Lydia was to their survival and voted off Morgan.

Nakum was safe for another week.

Jeannie Mason, a big fan of the Survivor series, said she would be at the pub every week for the show. She and friends gather at the back table, where they say they sit every time they come to the bar. Mason said she felt Hall had the stamina and personality to hold her place in the tribe.

"I never miss an episode. I think she will go all the way," Mason said. "She will be at least in the final four."

Rumors around town are that Hall placed in the final four, but no validation of that has come forth.

Robin Conners went to school with Hall and her twin sister Mindy. Although Conners was closer to Mindy, she supports Hall and her efforts.

"I knew Mindy better," Conners said. "But I am watching because of Cindy."

Ricky Shepherd said he can be found every week at the table watching Hall. He had not been a big fan of the show, but now he supports Hall completely.

Mason, who said she never missed an episode, feels that because the camera stays on Hall and Blake, they will be two of the final four.

Next week the party continues with the show, food, T-shirts and fun. O'Rourke's will be hosting the party each week beginning at 7 p.m. The show starts at 8 p.m. During the first commercial break, The Ledger Independent will give away a Cindy Hall T-shirt.

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Re: Party continues as Survivor Cindy prevails
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Does anyone else feel like they have seen her before? I think she was on some show talking about being a zoo keeper.  >^%
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