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 :D..I feel like a been joining all of the games that are up ..also CBS fantasy site is up!!

Thanks for reminding me puddinpie!  I've had emails sent out to those who had emails listed (only could take up to 7 people) to join our tribe.  If any don't join then I'll get more email addresses from our top posters to send them an invite.  Puddinpie~you have your email listed so you should be getting an invite.... ;D

Yippee!! I'm in ..thank you so much mama!! ;D

Sorry Mama, i did not get to join any of the games this year.  Everything was right in the middle of my moving and I just did not get a chance to visit any sites.  I just got to finish seeing the first episode of Survivor last night.  I had someone tape it for me but they only taped the first hour.  Imagine how suprised I was when the tape cut off after an hour...  LOL


oh no!!! you did not see the last 30 minutes!!!

I still have it on tape if you want me to send it to you.  Send me a PM with address if you want it.


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