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RFF Reality TV Radio - Episode #15 - 9/14/2005
« on: September 14, 2005, 08:58:50 PM »
Remember, we have a new website -

Our Picks for the new season of Survivor; Who Rob & Trevor likes; News of the week; The Apprentice; Commercial prices for popular shows like American Idol; Survivor & The Apprentice; Ethan's comments on being the show 'Kill Reality'; All of Johnny Fairplay's weird actions; Richard Hatch and his legal problems; Brittney Spears had her baby; We move on to Big Brother; April & Ivette and thier 'fight'; Rob watched the Biggest Loser; Trevor watched MTVs the Reality Show, and he didn't like it; We have a new website -; We get into a little Survivor history; Sue Hawk

Link to download show:

Use this link ONLY if the one above does not work: