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Tonights Show!!!
« on: September 15, 2005, 07:47:08 PM »
OMG !!!!!!!!
I cant take my eyes off of it ..

Bobby Jon & Stephanie S11 back to win a million
Nakum wins reward / flint ( BJ's team )
Yaxha wins IC ( Stephs  team )
TC coming up

what a grueling Hike  ...

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Re: Tonights Show!!!
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2005, 07:56:21 PM »
5 votes thats enough

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Re: Tonights Show!!!
« Reply #2 on: September 15, 2005, 08:21:01 PM »
jim was really hurt, and would not recover quick enough to be an asset to his tribe :<(  poor bobby jon, what a night mare to be in that shape right off the  |(  i had steph on my team, so she will soar!!  i hope!! :t-up:  best episode yet!!  and that spider they keep showing :unde: 

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Re: Tonights Show!!!
« Reply #3 on: September 15, 2005, 08:21:49 PM »
Yeah, like who's not gonna vote for him with that sling?
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Re: Tonights Show!!!
« Reply #4 on: September 15, 2005, 11:09:21 PM »
I have 200 some vidcaps from tonights show if anyone wants to see them ..BJ and the rolled back eyes ..Yikes !!  :headhunter:

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Re: Tonights Show!!!
« Reply #5 on: September 16, 2005, 01:37:31 AM »
thanks for the caps puddin
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Re: Tonights Show!!!
« Reply #6 on: September 16, 2005, 08:56:39 AM »
WOO HOO I am goign to look through your vid caps...I totally forgot to set the DVD....darn soccer practice

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Re: Tonights Show!!!
« Reply #7 on: September 16, 2005, 10:52:17 AM »
I was asking my husband, who happens to actually be a Nurse Practitioner, why the muscular guys would get the heat prostrations and not the skinny guys and the women.  He said that to regulate the body temperature, the blood vessels constrict in an effort to get blood to vital organs.  The muscular guys would probably not have any fat layers to help regulate their body temperature, and so the larger muscles would constrict (the spasms).  The women all have some fat layers, even if they are buff.  Unless they are skeletal, but there weren't any of those.  And the "regular" guys probably had the normal muscle to fat ratio.  So this just goes to show that in an environment like that, it doesn't necessarily pay to be the most physically fit.  Sounds like my kind of town. 

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Re: Tonights Show!!!
« Reply #8 on: September 16, 2005, 10:55:20 AM »
Interesting aminkino .. hmm ..It sure made then men look like a bunch of wimps.. any ideas as to what that thorney stick was that Blake was hurt by? Like was it poisinous or ??

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Re: Tonights Show!!!
« Reply #9 on: September 16, 2005, 11:08:47 AM »
I think after he was hit by that stick, and after being so weak, he just got sick. If something hurts enough, and it scares you, a person gets sick! And on top of everything else that was happening, it was literally the straw that broke the camels back! LOL


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Re: Tonights Show!!!
« Reply #10 on: September 16, 2005, 11:12:08 AM »
Rob  {l{ !
We shall see.. rumor has it that Blake has a little romance ..dont know if thats in sequester or whatever ?
After show promo a red herring for a Blake boot ? or "sometimes a rose is a rose right under your nose" soon to say without the TV promo .

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Re: Tonights Show!!!
« Reply #11 on: September 16, 2005, 01:30:04 PM »
swiped from the Mess Hall


JP: Surrounded by ruins, hidden in jungle, ruins monument ... Mayans, knowledge of celestial knowledge, they thrived then mysteriously vanished.

Crocs, snakes, etc. Unforgiving environment. Hot and rain, bring strongest to knees.

Group already began, divided into two tribes, hiking to destination unknown to surprise that awaits them

Shots of them hiking to ruins..........

Must learn to adapt or voted off, onlyone to claim the million....

39 days, 18 people, one Survivor.............

Intro Order

Cindy and her ass
Players entering ruins

Line up in front of Jeff

Stand on their maps

J: Welcome, you are standing in ruins ancient Mayan civiliation, live amongst ruins. Already divided; Nakum wearing yellow, Yaxah blue, separate camps, waiting are few items to help you live like Mayans, in addition, each tribe will have one other tool that will aid you, Come On OUT

Looking up

BJ and Steph on top of ruins, they wave

Survivors laughing and clapping
S and BJ shake hands and come down

JP: Two huge players, been through experience, know fire, food, etc. Steph strongest female and will nto quit, BJ strong competitor and day to day camp living, hardest working

Steph: Wha'ts up guys
JP: Steph member of Blue tribe
Brian:I"m inlove with Steph, thought good to go
Brianna: Couldn't help but cry, she is such an inspiriation
Jamie; Girls crying cuz she is their hero, didn't shed a tear

Danni: happy wiht BJ,easy on eyes
Cindy: Thrilled, he isn't going to quit or disappoint anyone
Brandon: Supposedly tough worker but kinda a little dumb

JP: They are full fledged members, they are players, you can use their backbone or they are a easy vote off first TC

First Challenge for Reward, grueling 11 miles through jungle, long, hot, poisonous snakes, crocodiles in water, trek finishes at better camp which winners get and get flint, which is critical right Steph

Steph: Yeah!

JP: Pace yoursef........ give directions to where compass, corn, maps etc. up to you how much you want to carry

Survivors ready, GO

They run in different directions

BJ leading way

Brooke: had to decide what to take, chaos

Brandon opens pineapple

Margaret: We never talked before so to figure on a strategyright away was tough

Brandon: Last time I hiked 11 miles was never but I said Yeeha ready to do it (he falls)

BJ: Being back, glad to make new start, felt like a million bucks at beginnign but Steph won't take time, she'll be ready to go

Steph: Main fear is looking like fool, almost an outsider but they opened me up with open arms, still nervous that they think I am too threatening etc.

All discussing how they pronounce their tribe name

(lots of stuff guys sorry)

Nakum leading
Checking compass and directions
Jim directing Blake

Jim: Can't move in jungle; I read compass before but you can walk in circles in this stuff

(not doing a great job)


Gary directing: Travel left
AMy: Gary going the right way??
Rafe conf: Leader always goes out first, clear Gary was leader, he is taller, gray haired, he was leader no question.
Jamie: Gary what do you do?
Gary: Landscaping

Gary conf: Real name is.... don't think anyone needs to know taht, if someone recognizes me I'll say that isn't me.

Steph has compass
Steph conf: Gary and I both had compass, hard not to get lost

All stop asking if Gary is going right way

Gary conf: I was one with compass but we got Morgan, Brianne, Steph, young ones that didn't want to be leader but my instincts will kick in

Nakum - leading

BJ leading way

Danni: I'm stuck
Judd: Here I come baby
Judd conf: Intense, it was by far one of the toughest things, I am a freaking doorman, never went camping

Margaret checking compass: Getting dark fasst
Blake looks sick

BJ forges ahead
Blake is hurt

Margeat: One of trees broke on Blake's shoulder (has briars) it was a reality check, any one of us......

Margaret checking shoulder
Margaret: Okay it is out
M conf: Really took him down a couple of notches


Yaxha - trailing
Tired peeps
Steph: right direction but we have to speed it up, this is all trees (dark now)
Morgan: Wait please.... we should stop
Steph conf: didn't want to stop but it was dark, Nakum is probably right in front of us, don't want to start Guatemala on losing team

Nakum leading
Blake is puking
Margaret: why dont' we get palm fronds and lay down
Blake conf: shoulder slowing me down, deyhdrated, hand tingling, i'll be alright (pukes)
Margaret: Is it your shoulder?
Margaret conf: worried abouthim think it is causing a pain response making him sick
Blake: Margaret I appreciate it
margaret: Hopefull you wil lfeel better in morning

Commerical FINALLY

Night time

Yax - 2

Amy: Sun came up, hearing noises, saw a monkey tree to tree, said OMG can't believe this
Brian?: Thnk we shold suck it up and go
Brian conf: wanted to get a move on, people were cranky but knew I was right, we needed to go

They are going............

Morgan conf: We actually found the other tribe which was great we thought we were behind

Margart: meeting up with other tribe took the air out of our balloon

Nakum is leading walking fast

Yaxha trailing and hurrying

Cindy: we wanted to get hem off our tails, like we were Seabiscut and he kicks it in, running down trail in muck

Steph: Come on, push it
Steph conf: people like Lydia and Amy were lagging, had to wait, they were right in front of us

Steph encouraging Lydia to run togehter with her

Nakum leading
BJ is sweaty and tired

BJ conf: Got cold as ice, body got cramped, lays down, gets water

Cindy: BJ got cramped and here comes M nurse lady to help him through it; think people were surprised he was going down early.........

Yaxha trailing

Morgan: can we move faster guys, we have to catch up

Snake, monkey

Nakum leading

Danni and Judd slide down
Judd conf: when I saw the boats, knew it was light at end of tunnel

Brooke: Paddle boats to winners camp
Nakum gets in boats and paddles

Yaxa coming to boat

Steph falls down
Brian conf: we saw them and booked to canoe, it was a huge moral booster cuz we knew we caught up

Yaxha rowing..................
Someone?: Never give up guys (female)

Shot of ruin.............

Nakum approaching
Judd is in the muck gets out early
Brandon: Old Judd gets out of boat, had a premature ejaculation, mudd like quicksand
Judd crawling through muck

BJ is suffering..........

BJ: getting out of boat nightmare, never felt this type of pain before, knew other tribe on our tail had to suck it up

BJ got major cramps

Judd; Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!! Whoooooooooo
They get to ruins

JP: Welcome Nakum!! Congrats, nicely done, high fives BJ

Yaxha gets out of boat

JP So 11 miles 24 hours, you earned the better of two camps, here is flag and flint, gives flint to Margaret: Take care of that

Other tribe comes up, Lydia running

JP: still haas some springin your steps, not your camp, fair to say, close finish but in Survivor, close gets you nothing, this is not where you are living, you got more paddling, hereis your map, take stuff and go

Byes all around.......

Steph: we lost but I thought we kicked butt, most difficult challenge the game ever had

Shot of them rowing away


Croc skull

Yax Day 2

Morgan: we leave the winners and we ara bummed
StepH; we had to paddle all the way across the lake, lotof extra work

Lydia: didn't know what to expect


Steph: maybe we should talk about shelter, how and where

STart working

Steph conf: so psyched, on a tribe with as much heart/determination as me
Rafe conf: dead tired but we say we could do this.......

Nakum Day 2
Puking again from Blake
Margaret: Breathe through nose
M conf: this dehydrated so many of us, Judd is down, BJ, Jim, Blake are down, all cramped up

Marg: Bobby Joh, Bobby Jon, slow, focus, stay with me
Morgan: should I pour water on his head
Marg: yes

His eyes were rolling around, half conscious
BJ conf: If it wasn't for Maraget thought I would have a seizure??

marg conf: big strong guys, and they are all down, the girls holding up remakedly well but we didn't expect the guys to do down so quickly

Cindy: bittersweet victory cuz some were in such bad shape

Yax Day 3

Steph and Amy have mail

Briann: Competing like Mayans, more than just a game, fail to pull your weight .............

Steph cofn: exciting for another chance to win immunity, a lot of pressure though to win

Nakum tree mail

BJ conf: concern cuz our tribe is not in tip top shape, if guys turn it on, definitely be a good day today

Arrive at challenge from boats

JP: ready for first IC, playing for this, game revolves around immunity.......... based on method of mayan transportation, all nine paddle around buoy get torch come to shore, drag boat, then four people up hill and pull rope to move boat over logs, every time you clear log, four other people move log to front, one person is to carry torh and light fire.

Survivors ready, Go

Running to boat
Brianna fell in water, back up
Tribes pretty even
Dead even at Buoy
Yaxa has torch, have a collision
Nakum struggling to get torch
Very tight coming back
Y out of boat
N out of boat

gotta work together
N has rope, BJ, Brandon, Blake and Judd, Jim with women
Amy Gary Brian Rafe going ahead

BJ pulling
Yax moving over logs,
Steph: Myfoot
Steph foot caught under log, gotta free Nakum back ahead

Yax bit oif lead
Margat took one in gut
Nakum falling behind
Danni caught under log
Cindy is stuck with log on foot
Nakum really strugglingnow
Gary: 123 pull
Yax big lead
Blake: Come on!!!
Nakum not giving up
Yax close to finish
Jamie: yelling
yax crosses finish line!!!!!
Lydia lights fire
Yax wins immunity!!!

BJ hits himself in face

Steph holds idol with others grabbing, gets flint
JP: First time a TC Steph you won't be a part of!

BJ slo mo walking
Slo mo Steph jumping up/down
Nakum Day 3

M: Losing today was tough, worked from four guys down, heat, excruciating

Jm: Something just went pop

Jim conf: Brutal

Jim is hurting, laying down

Judd; Enjoying jungle?
Brooke: Yeah I felt alright

Brook con: None of us desevrve to go, women shouldn't

Brooke/Danni/Brandon talking
Brooke: BJ was sick, he was the worst off

Brandon conf: don't know what is going tohappen with all these broke down crippled guys, Blake's shoulder, throwing up, most concerned abouthim

M attending to Jim: When there is 1/3 ofyour team out strategizing tought, BJ great, Jim a lot to offer, Blake great but it who can ahelp carry your team forward

Shot of Judd throwing a huge pile of palm fronds down

Tribal Council

Beautiful TC, ruins........

Grab torch, fire represents your life, fire gone so are you, sit my grasshoppers

JP: Authentic ruins, leaders decide fate, most fitting
Blake: Tough, first day, BJ, Jim me dehydration
BJ: I don't like getting down like that, enver happened before, not many people get a chance to get million bucks again
Danni: surprised at guys but women have a little more endurance but the guys carried a lot of load in beginning
Judd: I was on my back for only a hour the most, puked and got up, I could do a black flip, I feel great

Jim has a sling: Picked up boat and I tore bicep muscles, heard a pop, I'm not blaming it on my arm but it will hurt tribe

Mar: We are worried how to pace team and not be here so we are trying to realign, keep healthy.......

Blake up first
Judd: one of the toughest dudes I know
Brooke: know you don't want to quit but thinking of team long term
Margaret is last and not shown

(I want to hug him, really)
First person: JIM

Gives a small back wave and hobbles off

36 more days, seems like dilemma is how to give it all w/out destroying yourself in the process


Survivor Family Moment

Jim's wife: She is proud and can't wait for him to come home

Next time on Survivor........................

Yax takes desperate measures for food
Gary: Protein
Steph conf? :I'm not eating ants

And the challenges get tougher
Muddied Survivors standing
BJ shown in challenge, doing his caveman - ARGGGGGGGGGGHH
and Blake hits rock bottom
Blake on ground very ill
Margaret: Worried about Blake, he is struggling to get his breath and something is not right

Jim: Not surpised given difficulty of game, proud of what I did at my age, don't blame you guys, wishe you good luck and no one gets hurt