Author Topic: "Cheater" tribe on Lance's Survivor Pick'Em seeks members  (Read 1425 times)

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"Cheater" tribe on Lance's Survivor Pick'Em seeks members
« on: September 15, 2005, 11:20:58 AM »
Hey all you RFF folks!  Just dropping in with an urgent request:

One of the players on my site has been running a special tribe for the past few seasons that consists mainly of what I call cheaters, but what you would probably call those that use spoiler sites.  They played OutPick'Em last year and had a great time.  Now they are seeking tribemates for this season.  They currently have 13 people out of the required 15 minimum to start the game this week (the min # goes down by 1 each week, so they currently won't start until the 29th), so they are looking for some new players so they can start tonight.  And even if they do get another 2 players, don't be shy about joining them anyway.  The ideal number would be at least 17, if not 18 or 19 to play so that OutPick'Em goes right along with the show.

For those that have not played OutPick'Em, it's a fun addition to the game in which you get a first-hand experience of playing Survivor along with the show (you form alliances and vote off tribemates, etc. on your climb to the title of Sole Survivor).

If you're already playing in the RFF tribe, your best bet would be to create a second user and join his tribe with your second account (so you can also remain in the RFF tribe).  I know that's a pain, but it's a fundamental limitation of the site.

Here is the info (out of etiquette I won't post the link to the site itself because I think you know it, and if not, it's in my profile)

Tribe #:  814
Password:  photo1

Make sure that you also sign up to play OutPick'Em with your private tribe when it asks you.

Thanks for your last minute attention, and enjoy the show tonight!