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--- Quote from: Texan_Survivor on September 15, 2003, 10:56:35 AM ---This one looks fun...however you can only be in on one team in this game so if you are on other message boards, you must pick one.

--- End quote ---

Or have 2 different names... (but that is a lot of work... LOL)

Okay, I signed up for Mediiia Whore and Spoiler Island over at blows.  I think that is the max, I can do unless, I find something else, that looks really good.

Now, I have to find the time to research my picks. LOL


P.S. Almost time to watch BB4

Here are the results of the Mediia Whore game...I do nto think we have a team rank because we only have 4 players... Does anyone else want to join this game with us?

League Rank --
Average Round Score 489
League Round Rank --
Cumulative Scores

Member Score Rank
TexanSurvivor 1544 1
Snickers_Rise_2_Fame 1526 2
weecama 1471 3
Mamaschatzi 1418 4

Round 1 Scores
Member Score Rank
TexanSurvivor 544 1
Snickers_Rise_2_Fame 526 2
weecama 471 3
Mamaschatzi 418 4

I would, texan, however, I'm already a member of a private team, so it gives me this when I try.

--- Quote ---You are already a member of a private league, let's not be too ambitious.
--- End quote ---


puddin?  Is that your beautiful cat?  I want to just give him/her a squeeze!


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