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Rorys clan:
Where is and why hasn't CBS put the league up yet? Did that skirkman guy ruin it for all?


Rorys clan ,welcome back  {| . The league will open Wendsday night or for sure Thursday . The first week is Null anyway points. At least thats how they usually do it .

They might be waiting to put up the fantasy website until after it airs on Thursday night because of 2 certain castaways who haven't been announced yet.  Those cBS webmonkeys don't know how to add more survivors after the fact, I'm sure! {l{

you are a smart one Swanee!

This is true Swanee , great thinking .. ! I guess CBS thinks the general public is still in secrecy about BJ & Steph  ,where it has been published in just about every article that i have read ^/^


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