Author Topic: Trump Fires Another Crazy Minority Woman  (Read 1422 times)

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Trump Fires Another Crazy Minority Woman
« on: September 23, 2005, 10:58:38 AM »
The Apprentice 4 – Trump Fires Another Crazy Minority Woman
In The Apprentice 1, there was Omarosa, an African-American woman who couldn’t get along with her fellow candidates and lied to Kwame Jackson, possibly costing him the competition.  In The Apprentice 2, there was Stacie J., an African-American woman who snapped at her fellow contestants and developed an obsession with a magic eightball.  In The Apprentice 3, there was Verna, an African-American woman who appeared to have an emotional breakdown during one of the competitions and wound up quitting the show. 

Now, The Apprentice 4 continues the long tradition of including a minority woman who creates controversy, comes off as somewhat crazy, and has trouble getting along with her fellow candidates.  Except in this case instead of being an African-American woman, the crazy minority woman is Hispanic. 

Donald Trump welcomes the candidates to his Trump National Golf Club.  After trying the booksmarts vs. streetsmarts theme in Apprentice 3, Trump returns to dividing the teams into men vs. women.  The first task for the teams is to create a brand new fitness plus class for Bally Total Fitness.  But first, Trump has the teams race to find a helicopter and nearly gets knocked down by one of the men in the process.

The men’s team wins the race to the helicopter, and two of their members get to fly back to New York and gain a time advantage on the opposing team.  The men select Markus as their project manager and decide on the team name “Excel.”  The women select Kristi as their project manager and decide on the team name “Capital Edge.” 

The men focus on recruiting current club members to attend their class, while the women take to the streets handing out fliers that say “Triple XXX Threat” to recruit attendees for their class.  “Triple XXX Threat” is actually the name of their exercise class, and not an incredible creative way to trick people into showing up for their class.  Carolyn stops by to check on the women’s teams progress, and Melissa talks smack about her project manager and then claims she’s “doing everything.” 

The men’s team winds up winning by $11 and gets to attend a dinner with Trump at the Friar’s club.  The women’s team winds up in the board room, where they all turn on Melissa.  Kristi tells Trump that Melissa is the only one that she wants to bring back to the boardroom with her.  Melissa goes into a rant about how she doesn’t work well with women because they’re intimidated by her beauty and intelligence.  Citing her inability to get along with her teammates, Trump tells Melissa, “You’re Fired.”  As Kristi cracks a smile, Trump gives her a sharp warning, “You should not be proud of yourself because you did not do well.”