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'Survivor' contestant Katie Gallagher,arrested


'Survivor' contestant arrested
The Fresno Bee

(Updated Thursday, September 1, 2005, 4:03 PM)

Merced's Katie Gallagher, who finished second on the CBS reality television show "Survivor: Palau," has been arrested and charged by the Merced Police Department with driving under the influence.

The arrest was made in the 400 block of Main Street in Merced just before 2 a.m. thursday.

Gallagher was held overnight at the Merced County Sheriff's Department and released Thursday morning.

Sgt. Scott Dover, a spokesperson for the Merced County Sheriff's Department, explained that authorities are required to hold those arrested for DUI until they are sober.

The finale of Gallagher's exploits on "Survivor; Palau" were broadcast May 15. During the run of the weekly series, Gallagher spent 39 days on one of 200 islands in the chain 528 miles southeast of the Philippines.

Details of the exact prize money won by the former radio account executive were not revealed in the finale. Official "Survivor: Palau" rules on the CBS Web site revealed that the runner-up gets "approximately $100,000

Isle be back:
$100,000 can buy alot of booze. :ZZ:

yup  }alc{ reminds me of tom on the island

too funny


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