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Anything I missed ? Please feel free to help :hapy:
11,000 miles " TAR Family Vacation"
10 teams
Starting line N.Y Brooklyn Bridge

Thursday July 7 ,
NewYork City
Friday July 8,
Washington's Crossing PA
Saturday July 9,
Lincoln Memorial( does not fit any team descriptions ? maybe the Bransens ? dad 3 daughters ?)There was a man, a woman, and two young girls (caucasian) followed by a cameraman and a sound guy
Sunday July 10th,
Dulles airport (outside Washington D.C.),
Monday July 11th
Charleston, SC
Tuesday July 12,

Norfolk International Airport
July 12th

Friday July 14?
 Sunday July 16 - Panama - Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute Don't know if anybody cares, but I just got word from a friend of mine doing field work in Panama that he was accosted by several Americans in white vans, cameras in tow, looking for the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute's boat dock. Evidently, CBS invaded Panama with a vengeance. Also, the person asked him if he spoke English, IN FRENCH, which I find VERY amusing.
 Thursday/Friday July 20-21st Costa Rica I was in Costa Rica 2 weeks ago at San Jose International and saw the host Phil Koeghan with a female companion. I stopped him and spoke with him and took two photos with him and my brother.
He said he was on "vacation" but that was July 20 or 21. I wonder if the race was in Costa Rica? (Phil seemed to be acting gaurded and sly.)

Montreal on July 30 Toronto
 (arriving at 4:50PM) There are 5 teams of 4 people left.
Wendsday July 30-
posted on July 31 (Team with four girls sighted)
added Queen's Quay , Toronto, Lady with children

August 5th Phil Spottings

Monarch of the Seas, RCCL, sailing out of L.A. to Ensenada
San Francisco
( according to TAR the race lasted 25 days that would be July 31st)

possible other locations

 New Orleans and

and Costa Rica / posted on Aug 2nd,

possable finish line Niagara Falls ? Boston?
(The sign said for them to go to boston)
more on Belize

Production ends around Aug 10th ?

credits Gman /Pedalar/Slowhatch/ Chateau d if
of course Twops / Sucks / Met forums / Blows/realitytvworld to name a few .

My notes show the ten teams leaving Washington DC in the evening of Saturday July 9 and driving to Kitty Hawk, NC (about five hour drive) arriving on Sunday, July 10 between 3 and 6AM. After completing task here, they drive on to Charlesston, SC to complete a task between 11AM and 2PM (possible task sites: Ft. Sumter, Mt. Pleasant, or USS Yorktown - all with historical significance). Two buses then leave for Huntsville, Alabama leaving at 3PM and the second bus at 6PM (about a 9 hour drive)

Monday, July 11 - buses arrive at Huntsville, AL visitors center where teams pick up SUV's to drive to NASA Space and Rocket Center - this is also site of the famous 'SPACE CAMP" which according to notes opens at 9:00AM (so it looks like all teams will bunch up here waiting for center to open. Teams check in at the PIT STOP late in the evening. Report has it that the "Generation Gap team - Grandparents and two grandkits - is eliminated. But this may invalidate all the info because I don't think we have any such team listed iin the team roster.

Further down the road we have sightings in

Belize on July 14

Panama - Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute - Saturday July 16.

Next sightings seem to be In Toronto on July 30

Montreal on July 30 (arriving at 4:50PM) and July 31 (Team with four girls sighted)

This leaves a gap of 14 days after the Panama sighting on July 16 and Montreal/Toronto sighting on July 30.

And this only accounts for a little over 6,000 of the total 30,000 miles the teams are supposed to have travelled "around the world".

So this leads me to believe that after Panama, the remaining teams make a swing around "English-speaking" sites in the Pacific which could include:

Wellington, New Zealand
Sydney, Austrailia
Federated States of Micronesia

To the West Coast (San Francisco or Los Angeles)
Jackson, Wyoming

TVoP poster claims to have spotted Phil and Park Ranger on the mat in Grand Teton National Park (Menor's Ferry) on August 4. This may be questionable since we have pretty solid (Canadian Airline roster) evidence that teams were in Toronto and Montreal on July 30 alnd Phil was on RCCL ship on August 5.

Finish after Montreal (not Niagara Falls) could be in Boston.

from Met ForumsAmazing_Racer

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Well, I'm in Costa Rica right now, and I learned something from a travel agency. They told me some teams went to that Travel Agency to book a bus into the jungle. I can't exactly say that I saw the TAR 8 teams, but I did learn that they took that bus into the nearby jungle to perform either a detour or roadblock. Hope this helps, and like I said, I can't verify this, but I hope it's true!!!
--- End quote ---

swiped from and credits to ranethyn @ sucks

Recent projects include the shooting of the season finale for the "Amazing Race" reality television series in Niagara Falls, a one-day effort that netted local production crews and support services a payday topping $250,000.

Could be just another misleading decoy event at the Niagara Falls location.  But that seems to be pretty steep price to pay just to setup and film a decoy team.  So, I hate to say it,but it may mean that the sighting of the team at the Niagara Falls location was indeed an actual event. Which means the route marker flags have been changed for TAR8FE as has the opening teaser.


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