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 Sportsbook and Casino  - The Maya Empire

The online sports book, casino and poker site, Bodog, which takes television proposition bets, announced the odds on the Survivor: Guatemala winner.

"I am always amazed by the amount of interest the Survivor series generates among our bettors," says Calvin Ayre, Founder and CEO of Bodog.  "Our pop-culture bettors have such a deep understanding and knowledge of the show that they have successfully predicted the winners of each of the past Survivor editions."

The Bodog book managers use certain criteria to determine contestants’ rankings. The criteria include: Historical evidence, such as the character make-up of past winners and losers; demographics, such as gender, age, and physical attributes; and sentimental and popular culture value - an assessment of how the general public feels about each contestant.

Two contestants are considered the favorites at 2/1 odds: Danni Boatwright, a sports radio talk show host; and Gary Hogeboom, an ex- NFL quarterback turned real-estate developer.  At 20/1 odds, Lydia, a fishmonger from Washington State is the pick for first elimination.

Contestant Odds to Win:

Danni 2/1

Gary 2/1

Brian 3/1

Amy 4/1

Rafe 4/1

Cindy 4/1

Brandon 5/1

Jim 5/1

Morgan 7/1

Brooke 7/1

Brianna 7/1

Judd 10/1

Jamie 10/1

Margaret 15/1

Blake 15/1

Lydia 20/1

ROFLMAO. (looked for the icon of the rolling, laughing smiley face)..So according to THIS article .....Lydia should be gone first....although another Spoiler had her as winning!!! |(

Danni and Gary are not unfathomable as winners...but until I see another hint or spoiler, I am not putting down money!!!!! ]*]

Maybe we should look just beyond these two????   Maybe the next grouping??? I really have no idea!!!! :hapy:

Im not looking to hard for spoilers this year MrsKutz , they have a way of coming to me </]  ;) ( hiya& hugs btw  }bH{ )

THEY come to you baby, cause you are the QUEEN!!!   (where is the smiley with the crown?!@?!)  Love ya!!!

Let us KNOW when you get the real HOT JUICY stuff....  I will be looking  ]:,

 :queen:  {l{
Love you too  :)) , I'll let ya all know what I hear   :t-up:


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