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Finally some pictures

better yet my photo bucket if the pictures arent loading for you

and the realone video link


Finally...Connecticut representives! {**} (Yes...state affiliation.)

Funny how some team jsut showed up in regular clothes and others in matchign shirts.

But I am with cinni on this one  and 8yr vs 20 something and older seems to be a littel disadvantage.  Also I am assumign they will not ahve the rule about who can do what roead blocks this time....surely you can not expect those under 15 to do the same things as the older ones.

I am nto sure this one will be so exciting.  Bigger taxis or just driving themselves more, keeping up with 4 people plus camera crew, plane tickets for that many CBS must just book the whole plane or there will be several flights.

Agree the older teams look so much more superior , the Gaughans and Black family just dont make me think "winners" .
Texan we think they cruised around North America in Vans ..probalby weeded out the weaker teams , then  spent some money for flights , and perhaps went to such places as CostaRica & Belize .


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