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S11 Library
« on: August 13, 2005, 12:41:09 AM »
2 Kansans are on next 'Survivor'


The Wichita Eagle

Two Kansans -- a farmer and a former Miss Kansas USA -- will be among 16 contestants competing for $1 million on the 11th season of CBS's popular "Survivor."

Brandon Bellinger, 22, a farmer from Manhattan, and Danielle Boatwright, 30, a model and sports radio talk show host originally from Tonganoxie, were named by CBS on Thursday.

The two competed in the rainforests of Guatemala and among picturesque Mayan ruins for the show, which will begin airing Sept. 15 on KWCH, Channel 12.

Longtime "Survivor" host Jeff Probst, also a Kansan, is from Wichita.

The network identified the 16 contestants only by their first names, but various spoiler Web sites ferreted out their last names. One site, Survivor Fever, listed Boatwright as one of the likely finalists.

Filming in Central America began June 22, and contestants reportedly returned home last week. All contestants are bound by contractual agreements with CBS not to discuss the show or their involvement before the finale is aired.

In information released by CBS on its Web site, Bellinger said that he likes the scent of newly cut grass, prefers wildflowers over greenhouse posies and likes card games better than board games.

He plays football and roots for the Kansas State Wildcats, he said.

Boatwright, who is married to country musician Wade Hayes, was runner-up to Miss USA in 1996 and represented Kansas in the Miss Teen USA Pageant in 1992. She appeared on TV in the sitcom "Daddy's Girls" with Dudley Moore.

Among her likes, she said, are the smell of vanilla and the color red. She plays volleyball and basketball and roots for the Kansas City Chiefs, KC Royals, Kansas Jayhawks and Nashville Predators.

Boatwright's talk show is on KPSM-610 AM in the Kansas City area.

Among the other contestants is former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Gary Hogeboom, 48, now a real estate developer in Michigan.

In a surprise move, CBS brought back two popular "Survivor: Palau" contestants, Bobby Jon Drinkard and Stephenie LaGrossa, to help contestants in Guatemala.

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Re: S11 Library
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2005, 12:42:56 AM »
Sullivan native wins berth on 'Survivor Guatemala'

By TIM CAIN - H&R Entertainment Editor

A Sullivan native and past Millikin University student will be a contestant on the upcoming "Survivor" television show series.

"Survivor Guatemala, The Mayan Empire," the 11th edition of the popular CBS reality program, finished filming last week.

Morgan McDevitt, who works as a model under the name Morgan Malloy, will compete on the show.

McDevitt graduated from Sullivan High School in 2002. She participated in a weeklong dance workshop at Disney World in Orlando, Fla., in January 2002.

The news release from CBS about "Survivor" contestants lists the 21-year-old McDevitt's home city as Decatur and her profession as "magician's assistant/waitress."

She was a cheerleader at Sullivan High School and at Millikin. She was a sophomore, according to the school's 2003-04 student directory, but was not listed in last year's directory.

The show debuts at 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 15. According to the news release, "The castaways will begin their adventure with a grueling 11-mile hike through the jungle."

Additionally, the program "takes place amid the ancient Mayan ruins and ceremonial sites (some as many as 2,000 years old) located in the northern area of Guatemala. Amid the excruciating triple-digit heat, crocodile infested waters, relentless mosquitoes and terrifying sounds of the howler monkeys -"

This edition of the game also will include 46-year-old Gary Hogeboom, former NFL quarterback with the Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts and Phoenix Cardinals from 1980 to 1989. His presence gives the show a quarterback and a cheerleader.

Tim Cain can be reached at timcain@; or 421-6908

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Re: S11 Library
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2005, 12:44:16 AM »
People: Brown grad to be on Survivor: Guatemala
09:23 AM EDT on Friday, August 12, 2005

The Rhode Island connection to Survivor never seems to end.

CBS announced yesterday that Rafe Judkins, a 2005 Brown University graduate, is a contestant on the upcoming edition of the hit reality show. This one is called Survivor: Guatemala; it premieres Thursday, Sept. 15.

Judkins, 22, was born in Salt Lake City into a Mormon family that includes more than 60 first cousins, and moved to Pittsburgh when he was 5.

At Brown, he studied biology and anthropology. He also managed Brown's Outdoor Leadership Training program, which is designed to foster leadership skills, partly through a "shared wilderness experience" with other students.

This should come in handy, since, according to CBS, the participants in Survivor: Guatemala experienced triple-digit heat, crocodile-infested waters, relentless mosquitos and the terrifying sounds of howler monkeys.

The show was shot in June and July.

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Re: S11 Library
« Reply #3 on: August 13, 2005, 12:45:26 AM »
Kansans on Survivor
Melissa Brunner

The sunflower state will be well-represented in the newest installment of Survivor! Two Kansans are among the 16 contestants who travelled to Guatemala for their chance to outwit, outplay and outlast.

When 13 News hosted Survivor auditions at Harrah's in January, one hopeful made a bold prediction! "I'm trying to be a survivor... I will be on survivor!!" said 22-year old Bradon Bellinger. And guess what?! He'll get that chance!! The Manhattan, Kansas farmer was one of 16 contestants selected for the latest Survivor competition in Guatemala!

"First impressions -- they're going to think I'm just some hick from Kansas!" Brandon told the folks from CBS. We did reach Brandon on the phone. He was on the farm, he said but that's about all the information we got from him. He wouldn't even say exactly where the farm is! That's because Survivor contestants are under strict orders not to talk to media until the show airs where they're voted out or win, and that can be tough!

"It's the hardest thing," says Lisa Keiffer, who competed on Survivor Vanauatu a year ago. She says Brandon's in for the time of his life. "You watch it and remember things that you'd forgotten," she says.

Fellow Kansan Danni Boatwright of Tonganoxie is among Brandon's competition. "I'm such a tomboy," Danni told CBS. Host and Wichita native, Jeff Probst sized up their chances. "He comes off like I'm just here to have fun, but I think there's more going on there. Danni is someone people can get behind."

Now we wait, like everyone else, to find out if a Kansan will outwit, outplay, and outlast. Survivor Guatemala premiers September 15th right here on Channel 13.

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Re: S11 Library
« Reply #4 on: August 14, 2005, 12:47:01 AM »
Mayan 'Survivor' features Kansans

The Capital-Journal


Date: First episode airs Sept. 15

Channel: CBS


A Manhattan farmer and a former Miss Kansas who worked as a sports radio talk show host are two of the 16 competitors vying for the $1 million prize in the 11th season of CBS's "Survivor."

Danielle "Danni" Boatwright, 30, of Tonganoxie, and Brandon Bellinger, 22, of Manhattan, tried to outwit, outplay and outlast the other contestants in the Mayan ruins of Guatemala.

Colleen Sullivan, vice president of publicity for CBS, said filming began in June and that the contestants returned home during the first weekend of August.

"Danni is amazing," Sullivan said. "She is absolutely gorgeous, but she says there is nothing girly about her. She's from two different worlds."

Boatwright, who grew up with seven brothers and is a self-proclaimed tomboy, loves sports and is driven, opinionated and charming, Sullivan said.

She was the 1996 Miss Kansas and a Miss USA runner-up. She then modeled internationally for several years before returning to Kansas. When filming for "Survivor" started, Boatwright was a host for "Weekend Wrap" on 610 Sports, KPSM AM radio in the Kansas City area, from 10 a.m. to noon Sundays.

She is married to country music recording artist Wade Hayes and was in his video for "Tore Up from the Floor Up."

Bellinger graduated from Rock Creek High School, located between the towns of St. George and Westmoreland in Pottawatomie County, and works as a farmer and rancher.

"Brandon is a natural sweetheart," Sullivan said. "What you see is what you get. Still, he is a type A personality.

"He's the kind of guy that sneaks up on you."

Bellinger was interviewed by WIBW-TV in January when he filmed an audition tape at Harrah's Prairie Band Casino.

"I'm trying to be a survivor. I will be on 'Survivor,' " he said at the time. "They're going to think I'm just a hick from Kansas."

Survivor contestants aren't allowed to speak with the media until the airing of the show in which they are voted out or win.

Kasha Stoll can be reached at (785) 295-1270 or

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Re: S11 Library
« Reply #5 on: August 14, 2005, 12:48:34 AM »
‘Survivor: Guatemala’ features youthful cast
Ex-NFL quarterback is also among players
The Associated Press
Updated: 11:37 p.m. ET Aug. 11, 2005
NEW YORK - Half of the 16 castaways on the new “Survivor: Guatemala” are in their 20s. And, most are in their early 20s --21 or 22.

So, if they’re in shape, they might be able to outlast the others physically.

Four of the new “Survivor” players are in their 30s. Three are in their 40s. Then, there’s a big age gap. And, the oldest player is 63. He’s a retired fire captain.

We’ll find out if former quarterback Gary Hogeboom has stayed in shape since his football days ended -- because he’s one of the castaways. He’s 46.

“Survivor: Guatemala” premieres September 15th on CBS.

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Re: S11 Library
« Reply #6 on: August 15, 2005, 01:51:59 AM »
Newton to appear on CBS' "Survivor"

Author: Staff Reports
Publication Date: 2005-08-13

DOUGLAS — Douglas native Jamie Newton, 24, has been chosen as a cast member in the latest installment of the CBS hit reality show "Survivor." CBS announced the cast for "Survivor: Guatemala" Thursday morning on the "The Early Show."

Newton and 15 other contestants will be vying for $1 million in prize money on the show.

Verna Sistare, Newton’s mother, said that he moved from Douglas four years ago to attend Central Missouri State University where he received a degree in finance and wrestled on the wrestling team.

Sistare said he moved to Los Angeles, Calif., after graduating from Central Missouri, where he has been pursuing a career in modeling. "Hopefully, doing 'Survivor' will give him some exposure that will help further his modeling career," she said. In addition to modeling, Newton has appeared as an extra in several television programs.

Sistare said that filming "Survivor" was a grueling process for her son. "During filming, he learned what endurance and perseverance are all about," she said. If "Survivor" doesn't lead to bigger and better things, Newton always has that finance degree to fall back on.

"He told me if he didn't have a job in a year, he would find use his degree," she said. Newton also has a twin brother, Raymie.

According to the CBS website, the new season of "Survivor" premieres Thursday, Sept. 15 at 8:00 p.m.
source /survivorfever
link to article

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Re: S11 Library
« Reply #7 on: August 17, 2005, 06:47:39 PM »
She's a ‘survivor'
Tonganoxie woman competes on upcoming season of CBS program

By Shawn Linenberger, Reporter

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Tonganoxie native Danni Boatwright is best known for being the runner-up in the 1996 Miss USA pageant.

And now, nine years later, she's again participating in a televised competition. But this one is far from swimsuits and evening gowns.

Boatwright is a castaway on the CBS show "Survivor: Guatemala," which premieres Sept. 15 on Sunflower Broadband channels 5 and 13.

CBS prohibits contestants from talking about their experiences on the show until the final episode airs. So Boatwright said she couldn't discuss the show with The Mirror.

However, her mother, Vicki Cackler, said other reality show producers had approached Boatwright about being on their shows, but she refused.

"This was the only one that really interested her," Cackler said. "Because it's a contest, it pushes you. I think that's what intrigued her."

Getting ready

To prepare for the trip to Guatemala, Cackler said her daughter did research on the country. Boatwright's sister-in-law, Patti Cackler, who is a teacher in Tonganoxie, helped Boatwright with research and then quizzed her about Guatemala.

"She knew ahead of time where it was going to be ... She knew what she was getting into," Cackler said.

To physically prepare for Guatemala, Boatwright trained at Unlimited Fitness in Tonganoxie. Boatwright took nonu juice, a substance that helps build a person's immune system. She also used triotein, Cackler said, to help in her training. Triotein is a powder that is a protein supplement.

"They've just been phenomenal working with her," Cackler said.

Boatwright didn't limit her training to exercise. She also made a trip to Cabela's and asked employees about survival training. They taught her how to use a bow and arrow, among other things. Although she knew how to fish, stepfather Jim Cackler gave her additional pointers.

Of course, Cabela's workers had no idea she would be on "Survivor."

On the Web

Of the 16 castaways on this season's show, two are from Kansas -- Boatwright and Manhattan's Brandon Bellinger. Washington state is the only other state with multiple contestants.

At the network's Web site,, bios of Boatwright and other castaways are featured.

Other Web sites, such as and, are independent sites that post more information, some that's false.

Cackler said one site states that Boatwright is married, but Cackler said she no longer is married.

The independent Web sites also have posts about who they think will be voted off, along with other comments and opinions.

"There are Survivor groupies like you would not believe," Cackler said. "They're hilarious.

"There are some that are nice and some that are not nice."

The show will end in December. Until then, Cackler can't comment on anything about the show because of contract agreements.

Whether Boatwright is the Survivor and $1 million richer is uncertain, but Cackler said it's clear that her daughter is proud of her hometown. Boatwright, who recently had lived in Kansas City, currently lives in Tonganoxie. Her mother said she never has opted to list her home as Kansas City on the CBS Web site.

"She's never said Kansas City or Shawnee or Johnson County," Cackler said. "She loves her home, which is Tonganoxie."

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Re: S11 Library
« Reply #8 on: August 22, 2005, 08:06:40 PM »
Hood River’s Struck cast in new
‘Survivor’ series

Brooke Struck

News staff writer
August 20, 2005

Yes, it’s true — a young woman from Hood River will be appearing on the next CBS Survivor series, “Survivor Guatemala, The Mayan Empire,” to begin airing Sept. 15.

Brooke Struck, a fifth-generation Hood River native, went to Guatemala to film the series right after her graduation from Pepperdine University in May.

“She’s very positive, very intelligent, and very good at problem solving,” said Sue Gay, Brooke’s mother. “She’s physically strong — a runner — and mentally strong; not a real emotional, fall-apart kind of girl. And she’s got pioneer blood, so maybe these things will help her do well on the show.”

Though the series has finished filming, Gay has no idea how her daughter fared. Every time she has asked Brooke anything at all, the response has been “Watch the show.”

Brooke, 26, the daughter of Dr. Tony and Sue Gay, graduated in 1997 from Hood River Valley High School and went on to Oregon State University, where she earned International and Political Science degrees, minoring in Spanish. After graduation she spent a year with the Americorps program, then entered the law school in Pepperdine.

“But even though she’s been away from Hood River for awhile, she still thinks of it as ‘home’,” Gay said.


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Re: S11 Library
« Reply #9 on: August 22, 2005, 08:08:15 PM »
Local aims to be ‘Sole Survivor’

When “Survivor: Guatemala, The Maya Empire” airs on CBS next month, a contestant named Brian might seem familiar.
Brian Corridan, valedictorian of New Milford High School’s Class of 2001, will be one of the 16 castaways stranded amid the ancient Mayan ruins for 39 days of intense competition in the Central American rainforest jungle.
Now living in New York City and described as an Ivy League student in CBS publicity, Mr. Corridan was one of 16 contestants introduced on CBS’s “The Early Show” Aug. 11.
Mr. Corridan, the son of New Milford residents Kevin and Sherry Corridan, was vice president of the Class of 2001 at NMHS and yearbook editor.
Voted prom prince and most likely to succeed, he was accepted by early decision to Columbia University in New York City, where he majored in psychology and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa.
Sherry Corridan said Tuesday her son is “an avid, rabid fan” of “Survivor” and has been since the show debuted.
“It’s a dream come true for him,” Mrs. Corridan said.
She related that Brian was determined to become a contestant and had initially applied when he was 20 but was told to reapply after he turned 21.
“It’s been a goal for five years,” Mrs. Corridan said, adding, “We’re very proud of him, win, lose or draw.”
According to “Survivor” host Jeff Probst in a video on the 
CBS website, competitors will face not only each other but some challenging elements in the upcoming season.
“This is so tough out here,” he said. “It is so hot, and the challenges are so physical.”
On top of a “grueling overnight hike,” the “Survivor” castaways will face “two additional surprises in the first episode that will dramatically impact how they play the game,” according to CBS publicity.
The 11th edition of the Emmy Award-winning series debuts on Thursday, Sept. 15, from 8 to 9 p.m. on CBS.
During an interview in 2001 after being named NMHS valedictorian, Brian said he liked “math, English, Spanish, psychology and literally everything that is not history or science.”
“I’m open to anything,” he said at the time about heading to college. “Whatever they have I’ll take.”
At NMHS, he combined his love of acting and writing by co-authoring the senior play – a murder-mystery comedy. Summers and weekends he worked at the New Milford Youth Agency and at the Top Flite Sports Center.
Then-Principal Don Fiftal described Brian, and salutatorian Kim Thornton, in 2001 as “well-rounded,” with strong records in “academics, involvement in school, leadership, artistic expression, and social involvement. They represent a lot of what’s the very best in kids these days.”
David Shaffer, who taught Brian and Kim in AP calculus, described them as two of the most talented individuals he had taught in more than three decades.
In the biography posted on the “Survivor” website, Mr. Corridan said his hero is his younger sister Casey, who rose above juvenile diabetes to captain her field hockey team at NMHS. His goal is to return to college to earn a doctorate in clinical psychology and become a child/adolescent psychologist.
Mr. Corridan said in his bio that he’s studied the “Survivor” show since he was 17 and written papers on it. He said he is confident his background in psychology will help him “pinpoint people’s insecurities and weaknesses and to manipulate them to my advantage” to become the “Sole Survivor.”
“Competitive, perceptive and sarcastic” are the words he used to describe himself.
Mr. Corridan wants to keep a low profile about his past and the fact he’s an Ivy League graduate.
“You don’t come out here and say you are better than everyone,” he said in a video that aired last week on the Early Show. “That’s dumb.”
“No one is going to know I’m an Ivy League student,” he continued. “It’s a big secret. I think it’s just a stupid thing to tell people that I went to Columbia.”
In addition to Mr. Corridan, 22, contestants include Gary Hogeboom, 46, a former National Football League quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Now a real estate developer in Grand Haven, Mich., he also wants to hide his background.
“I don’t want to go by my last name on the show,” Mr. Hogeboom said in a video clip on the CBS website.
“People would vote me off immediately if someone knew I was in the NFL,” he remarked. “Everyone thinks we made big money. I was pre-big money.”
Other contestants this season include Dallas resident Blake Towsley, 24, who sells commercial real estate; 39-year-old Amy O’Hara, a police sergeant in Revere, Mass.; and Brianna Varela, a makeup artist from Edmunds, Wash., who said she’ll use her powers of persuasion honed selling women $285 wrinkle cream they don’t need in her effort to win the $1 million “Survivor” prize, according to a CBS press release.
Other contestants include Decatur, Ill., resident Morgan McDevitt, 21, a magician’s assistant, and Danni Boatwright, 30, a sports radio talk show host in Tonganoxie, Kan., who says she’s a tomboy who loves competition, remarking, “There’s nothing girlie about me.”
Fellow Kansan Brandon Bellinger, 22, a farmer; Cindy Hall, 31, a Naples, Fla., zookeeper; Lydia Morales, 42, a fishmonger in Lakewood, Wash.; Jamie Newton, 24, a water-ski instructor from North Hollywood, Calif.; and Judd Sergeant, 34, of Ridgefield, N.J., a doorman at a New York City hotel, are also competing with Mr. Corridan.
Other competitors include Brook Struck, 26, a law student in Santa Monica, Calif.; Rafe Judkins, 22, another Ivy Leaguer from Providence, R.I.; Margaret Bobonich, 43, a family nurse practitioner from Chardon, Ohio; and – the oldest competitor – Jim Lynch, 63, a retired fire captain from Northglenn, Colo.

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Re: S11 Library
« Reply #10 on: August 28, 2005, 12:42:27 AM »
August 27, 2005
Survivor Guatemala: Snap Judgements of the Latest Cast & Our New TV Project
We are launching a new all-TV site, Zebrality. At Zebrality, we'll publish recaps and commentary on a slew of TV shows. We'll continue to cross post some of that here at Dummocrats (like this post, for example), but if you like our recaps, be sure to check out Zebrality for even more. And, if you're interested in writing recaps, please let us know. We'd love more contributors and finally, once you've taken a look at the site, we'd love to hear your suggestions. It's still a work in progress, so please pass on your comments about it below.

Now on to more of the good stuff. I really liked the first couple seasons of Survivor. But lately, the players are just too damn self-righteous and they act appalled, appalled that some people are actually going to try to outwit or outlast them for a million dollars. The nerve!

But, with each new season, there's always the chance that someone will break out and make the show interesting again. CBS has the new cast bios up, so let's take a look at the new Survivors and ponder what the season may bring.

Amy is a 39-year old cop from Revere, MA. Hmmm, do you think she gets a lot of "one if by land, two if by sea" jokes? She's a jock who's played professional football, but her bio does mention a husband, so I don't think she's the season's token gay player. I'm inclined to like Amy because she shares my birthday, but, she thinks she'll be great at Survivor because she's a good motivator. Oh dear, that could spell trouble. People are going to hate her if she's bossing them around. I don't think playing bad cop is going to work for her here.

Blake is a 24-year old real estate broker/model from Dallas. Why are so many people on reality TV something-slash-models. Ugly people are interesting too, you know. Anyway, Blake lists one of his favorite colors as "camouflage", so I immediately dislike him. That's just needlessly obnoxious. Ugh, he also lists "kissing" as one of his three favorite activities. Is this guy for real? Can anyone be that cheesy? Blake thinks he'll excel at Survivor because of his competitive drive. But, he also states that he's not the type of person to scheme and backstab. Uh, why are you in the game then? The damn non-schemers make for boring TV. The Survivor casting director really needs to weed some of these people out and make room for some hardcore players.

Brandon is 22-year old farmer/rancher from Manhattan, KS. On one hand, Brandon completely turns me off by saying that one of his favorite scents (of course, that's also an incredibly stupid question) is "the scent of a woman", but on the other hand, his other favorite scent is freshly cut grass. Yay! I love the smell of freshly cut grass too. I'm just going to assume that CBS screwed up and that scent of a woman answer was really from Blake. It certainly sounds like Blake. But back to Brandon. His bio doesn't have much about how he intends to play the game, but you do get the impression that Brandon is nothing but an outdoorsy, fun-lovin' young guy. I like him. I don't know if he'll be a good player, but I'll root for him at first.

Brian is a 22-year old "Ivy League Student" from New York City. First off, let's just say it, Brian looks like a member of (as Big Brother's Howie would say) the Nerd Herd. I'm also sure that he's the token gay, as he lists his favorite color as "deep teal". Come on, no straight man would say that. When you delve deeper into his bio, however, Brian suddenly becomes interesting. He promises to check his ethics at the door and claims that his "background in psychology will allow me to pinpoint people's insecurities and weaknesses and to manipulate them to my advantage." Well, hey, good luck with that Brian.

Brianna is a 21-year old make-up counter girl from Edmonds, WA. Brianna is counting on her ability to use a Hawaiian sling to help her in the game. I don't know if that's great strategy. Richard Hatch didn't win because he could fish, he won because he was sneaky, set up a good alliance and won some crucial immunities. The game really isn't about surviving in the wild, which is something too many of these contestants can't seem to get through their thick skulls. Brianna is on the show to "test her own self willingness". I have no idea what that even means.

Brooke is a 26-year old law student from Hood River, OR. Actually, according to her bio, she graduated from Pepperdine in May. I wonder if she knows Ken Starr? She lists one of her favorite books as George Orwell's "Animal Farm", so I think it's safe to assume that she's not a communist. Whew! Brooke grew up on a farm, so maybe she and Brandon can form an alliance based on that. Actually, if Brandon was a little bit older, he'd be the perfect guy from Brooke. Just read their bios!

Cindy is a 31-year old zookeeper from Naples, FL. She lists one of her favorite outdoor activities as "yard work". For some reason, I think this is hilarious. Cindy admits to having a short fuse and wants to fight for her beliefs. Hmm, based on that, Cindy sounds like the girl most likely to rub everyone the wrong way immediately. She could be our first boot.

Danni is a 30-year old sports radio talk show host from Tonganoxie, KS. She'd be quite beautiful is she'd close her mouth. Seriously. I hate those people that walk around with their mouths half open all of the time. Anyway, Danni is a true Sporty Spice as she lists "PTI" as one of her favorite TV shows. Well, she has good taste. Danni was first runner-up in the 1996 Miss USA pageant. Unfortunately for Danni, the winner that year must have been able to fulfill all of her duties as Miss USA, so Danni never got her shot at the crown. Where's a newly unearthed porn tape when you need one, eh Danni? So, Danni is beautiful (when she keeps her mouth closed) and is a sports nut. From that I think we can deduce that the rest of the women will hate her but the men will love her. Look for Danni to form a quick alliance with a bunch of the boys, with the most likely suspect being...

Gary (Hogeboom) is a 47-year old ex-NFL quarterback from Grand Haven, MI. He played with the Cowboys, Colts, Redskins & Cardinals. Gary thinks he can win Survivor because of his outdoor skills and because he's a hard-working team player. Do these people even watch the show? Gary starts the game with a huge strike against him because people will assume he doesn't need the money. If he's smart he'll tell people he's just "Gary from MI" and play the nice old man game.

Jamie is a 24-year old water ski instructor from North Hollywood, CA. "Water ski instructor"? Yeah, right, he's probably a porn star. Aha! I'm right. His bio says that he's considering a career in acting and has appeared on "All My Children" and other "various productions". We all know what "various productions" means. Jamie thinks he'll win Survivor because of his uncanny ability to read and connect to people. Well, if that's true that could help, but I bet he just thinks that because he has an identical twin and they can do all that freaky twin stuff together. I doubt he has that ability with other people.

Jim is a 63-year old retired fire captain from Northglenn, OH. What's with all the firemen on reality TV shows? Shouldn't they be busy putting out flames and saving kittens in trees? Wow, Jim is an interesting guy. In his spare time he's building a jet turbine sport helicopter. I'm not sure how that skill will help him in Survivor though. I guess if the goal of the game was to get off the island he'd be all set. From his bio alone, he's my 2nd favorite player (behind Brandon) so far.

Judd is a 34-year old hotel doorman from Ridgefield, NJ. I suspect Judd was cast to be the show's fat & funny guy. Oddly enough, Judd's bio is the third one that mentions that a contestant has an identical twin. I can think of some interesting twists that could come from that. Oh, I like Judd. He lists his dad as his hero because he started a successful cheese business in the basement, served in Vietnam and had five kids. Unfortunately, Judd's dad died when he was just 33. Wow, he certainly did a lot with his time. Judd thinks he's a strong leader and that he can keep everyone laughing. Actually, on Survivor I think keeping people entertained is probably a more important skill that keeping people full. Judd seems like a promising Survivor. I'm putting him in my "like" pile.

Lydia is a 42-year old fishmonger from Lakewood, WA. What in the world is a fishmonger? I have no idea. Lydia's favorite Survivor is Rupert (gag-I couldn't stand friggin' Rupert after about 10 minutes) and her hero is Oprah. You know, I suspect that's all we really need to know about Lydia. Let's move it along.

Margaret is a 43-year old family nurse practitioner from Chardon, OH. Margaret spent time in Aeromedical nursing, so perhaps she and Jim could bond over their love of helicopters. Margaret's bio doesn't give us any clues about how she might play the game, although I'm sure she'll try to do so with integrity. Can you tell I'm rolling my eyes?

Morgan is 21-year old magician's assistant/waitress from Decator, IL. Morgan is like a breath of fresh air because she admits she can be conniving and wants to do so all while making everyone around her think she's a sweet team player. That's hard to do, of course, but it's a noble goal. She's probably going to be that annoying girl on the show, but for now I like her.

Finally, we come to Rafe. Rafe is 22-year old "Ivy League Student" from Providence, RI. What's up with labeling these people as "Ivy League Students"? Either name the college or just call them "students". Rafe is a Mormon and he's kind of a freak as he's most proud of his ability to play "Ode to Joy" with his toes. Weirdo. Although, I have to say, in Survivor, sometimes the weird go very far.

So that's it for the announced cast. The big rumor is that this year's twist will be that there are two additional Survivors: Stephenie and Bobby Jon from last season will join the rest of the group in Guatemala. I guess we'll see if that pans out. I'm betting it will, but I'm also betting that they won't last long. The rest of the cast will (rightly) note that they already had their chance to win.

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Re: S11 Library
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Survivor: Guatemala
The Maya Empire takes place amid the ancient Mayan ruins and ceremonial sites (some as many as 2,000 years old) located in the northern area of Guatemala. Amid the excruciating triple-digit heat, crocodile infested waters, relentless mosquitoes and terrifying sounds of the howler monkeys, these new castaways will attempt to Outwit, Outplay and Outlast in hopes of winning the $1 million prize and title of "Ultimate Survivor." In addition to the grueling overnight hike, the castaways will be faced with two additional surprises in the first episode that will dramatically impact how they play the game.


Two Washingtonians Fight For The Million!

Lydia Morales, 42, is a Fishmonger from Lakewood, WA. She's been employed by a seafood company for 18 years but also earned a degree in early childhood education from Clover Park College. More About Lydia

Brianna Varela, 21, was born in Olympia and raised in Shelton and is the oldest of three siblings. At ten years old she moved to Edmonds, where she currently resides and works in retail sales and as a make-up artist. More About Brianna

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'Survivor' at ease,
despite Katrina

'Survivor' is comforting,' says host Jeff Probst. 
A scene from the season premiere. 
CBS rolls out "Survivor: Guatemala" tonight and host Jeff Probst is not worried about airing the show, which requires contestants to survive on their own, so close to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
"I can't stress it enough, I believe when the music starts and you see the images, the snakes and the ants, and the scenery," Probst told reporters earlier this week, viewers will say, "this feels okay."

Probst said that after 9/11, when CBS was getting ready to launch "Survivor: Africa," it was hard to promote the show. He understood, he said, how people could then find a show call "Survivor" a bit insensitive.

That was then. "Survivor" is now part of the TV landscape and a known quantity.

"I feel now 'Survivor' is familiar, and 'Survivor' is comforting," he said. "Nobody in their right mind is going to think 'Survivor' is about surviving. It's technically a game show."

Probst said there was nothing he could recall that occurred during the filming of "Survivor" that would require the producers to rethink in light of the Katrina tragedy.

"It's 16 goofballs trying not to get voted out of a game show," he said. "It would never compare to something like Katrina."

This year's show is set among the ruins and the rainforests in Guatemala, creating what Probst said have been the most difficult conditions yet.

It all gets started for the players with an 11-mile trek to the game site. Triple-digit temperatures were a regular occurrence. On top of that, there are the bugs and alligators. And in another twist, two players from past shows are brought back to play the game.

Probst wouldn't say who, but "Survivor" fan sites have speculated they are "Survivor: Palau" cast members Stephanie LaGrossa and Bobby Jon Drinkard.

Bringing in the two previous players is a way to keep the show fresh, without losing the core format of the series.

"We've talked about, not doing an all-stars, but interjecting two former people to see if they would be easy voteoffs," he said.

"The idea is not to have them come back and say, 'Good luck,'" he said, "but to have them come back and participate in a way that you have to decide whether they're a threat or they're an asset."

As for Probst, who is dating "Survivor: Vanuatu" player Julie Berry, the future with "Survivor" is a big question. He has signed on for the 12th edition, yet to be filmed, but he's unsure beyond that.

"I don't want to be the David Caruso of reality," he said. "I'm not an idiot. But six years of being away, it does sometimes make you think. ... Signing another long-term deal would be hard, just hard. I want to start a family."

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Re: S11 Library
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Meet your new local 'Survivor'
Scott Tady, Times Entertainment Writer
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Surely, you didn't think a season of CBS's "SURVIVOR" would go by without a local contestant.

Meet Rafe Judkins, one of the new "SURVIVOR: GUATEMALA" contestants who graduated in 2001 from Sewickley Academy.

Hailing from the land of the Route 65 speed trap - Kilbuck Township - Judkins was born in Salt Lake City, though his Mormon family moved to western Pennsylvania when he was 5.

"Survivor" has been identifying the 22-year-old as an "Ivy League Student" from Rhode Island, since he attended BROWN UNIVERSITY in Providence, graduating in May with degrees in biology and anthropology.

Similarly, Economy resident and Quigley Catholic High School graduate Ian Rosenberger was identified as a Florida dolphin trainer during his third-place finish on last season's "Survivor: Palau."

In signing up for "Survivor," the blue-eyed Judkins hoped to follow in the $1 million footsteps of former "Survivor" champions Amber Brkich of Brighton Township and Jenna Morasca of South Fayette Township.

A Mercer County resident, Dolly Neely, briefly appeared in "Survivor: Vanuatu."

Why do so many western Pennsylvanians get picked for "Survivor"?

In prior interviews, Brkich and Morasca have theorized it has something to do with the outgoingness of western Pennsylvanians.

Judkins' bio, on the CBS Web site, shows a well-rounded background. He enjoys hiking, swimming and backpacking, and has visited 14 countries.

CBS puts a gag on all current "Survivor" contestants and their families, so we won't be hearing any public remarks from Judkins until he's voted off or wins the hit Thursday night reality show.

Judkins "has always been really competitive, of course," his brother Landon Judkins told the Brown Daily Herald. Landon, also a Brown student, said Rafe enjoyed "Survivor" so much, he hosted weekly "Survivor" parties, and while at Sewickley Academy, a new senior category was created, with students choosing Rafe as "most likely to be on 'Survivor.' "

Sewickley Academy officials have been refusing interviews about Judkins.

"He's no longer a student here, and since he hasn't asked us to put him out there, we haven't been granting interviews," Sewickley Academy communications director Sharon Hurt-Davidson said. "We're laying low on this one."

While at Sewickley Academy, Judkins sang with the Chamber Singers, performed in a number of plays and musicals, competed in mathematics, played tennis and was inducted into the Cum Laude society, according to his brother's Web site. Rafe also spent two summers tutoring underprivileged middle school students in Pittsburgh.

Scott Tady can be reached online at stady@times