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TBS Superstation selects teams and host Mark L. Walberg for reality competition series, HOUSE RULES, presented by Lowe's.

Following a national search, TBS Superstation has selected three teams to go head-to-head on the network's upcoming unscripted competition series HOUSE RULES, presented by Lowe's. The teams will each remodel a home in Houston, Texas, with one couple being chosen by viewers to win a home they've remodeled. In addition, TBS Superstation has announced Mark L. Walberg (Temptation Island) as host for the series, set to premiere in October 2003.

Stay tuned to the Web site for future details...

Where did you see this information?  I did not see it on the link.  Also I live in Houston and have not heard anything about this.

Well I was trying to vote for who I thought should win the house but I couldnt find the sight. Well any ways I think that Bill and Cindy should win seeing that their house did come out really nice. Not that the others weren't I liked them all. :)

Alexis Shiflett:
 All the couples did a great job,but as for working the   hardest I believe Adam and Katie worked the hardest. But the best looking house was Bill and Cindy, so they should win!

I've caught several of the episodes.  Great show!  I did get to vote on the website and I chose Jessica/Joey.  They are all great couples and I'm hoping that they all win!  What great houses as well.

Here is the link Texan!,,11104,00.html


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