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Hola! Survivor:

Here we go again. Another local yokel in the reality TV world. A number of Web sites for geeks who follow such things have outted Margaret Bobonich of Munson Township as a cast member of "Survivor: Guatemala," which recently wrapped shooting. Now technically, no one can say for sure that she's in. CBS is waiting to "announce" the cast on "The Early Show" on Thursday. And when I talked to her Monday, she sort of snickered and pretended not to know what "Survivor" is. I resorted to my Jedi journalist mind tricks and asked her if it was fun. She just giggled and coyly said she didn't know what on earth I was talking about. She even said she couldn't tell me what she does for a living, which I think your average person would've figured out by the age of 43. But Bobonich did say I could call back Thursday. Which either means she likes my telephone voice or she really is on the show. Look, I'll tell you up front that I have zero intel on this. But I'm betting right here and now that not only was she hangin' in Guatemala, I wouldn't be surprised if she won.

Hmmm...very interesting...this writer thinks Margaret B. might;ve won IF she's actually on the cast!  Hope we get a boot list sometime soon or info from the spoiler sites...

CBS' Early Show Is First

By Jim Benson -- Broadcasting & Cable, 8/9/2005 1:37:00 PM

CBS News' perennially third-ranked morning program The Early Show, which has done all that it can to take advantage of the Survivor juggernaut over the years, will once again be the first to announce the cast for the 11th edition of the network’s popular reality series, which debuts Sept. 15.

The Early Show will name those conspiring to win Survivor Guatemala:The Maya Empire, on Thursday’s show.

A CBS rep says the morning program has announced the Survivor cast for at least the past few editions

I wonder if they'll show photos or just give their names?  *(^

i haven't seen it in the past, but i sure hope they do photos  :hapy: it's hard to get anything out of a name


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