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Bo could not be a Rocker on Rockstar


 (| Bo Bice is a joke: parading around as if he is a rocker when he's really just a popstar with little talent who needs a damn haircut.

if anyone has had the chance to watch Rockstar, you would be able to see that these people are ReAl musicians.  that they genuinely want to win.  (bo after losing says: "i'm glad i didn't win"- what a lie!)

these people can be ROCKSTARS and not produce the same drivel that we hear so often from the like so Kelly Clarkson.

Does anyone agree with me that Rockstar has the potential to be a superior show, if at nothing else, to produce rockstars?

and a bonus for those of us old enough to remember how good INXS was.

as well as jane's addiction nostalgia!

DiscoFreak go hear and talk about the INXS show http://forum.realityfanforum.com/index.php/topic,5733.0.html it is a thread on this board.

As for Bo's comment that he did not win...what should he have said?  Well this F$^%^$& sucks?  That would not help him in getting a contract or bookings. They still have to be personable.  I do not really listen to Bo so I can nto comment on his songs and did not watch but one or two idol shows.  He did seem energetic.

Hope you sticka roudn and give us updates on teh INXS show.


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