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Survivor: Pearl Islands - Commentary recording = release? (part 2)
Posted by Gord Lacey
Another commentary recording rumor, this time for Survivor: Pearl Islands. We received an email from reader Justin G. who heard an interview with Jonny Fairplay in which he mentioned recording commentary tracks with other cast members Sandra, Rupert and Christa.

We checked with our friends at Paramount and they told us to expect the set in December, but also noted it's a tentative date right now, and may move.

Thats great, I loved Pearl Islands!!!! I am looking forward to it being on DVD.


I'll catch it much later on OLN........ can't wait for Season 1 tomorrow.  {**}

OMG !! I almost forgot ..Thanks Mrs.Kutz  {**}

PEARL ISLANDS? Why can't they just release them in order? What about Amazon?


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