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Hogan knows best


Okay I am not sure how long this show has been on or if anyone has watched it.  However I watched it last night it is on VH1....makes you wonder.  Hogan's Daughter (16) has been asked out on a date and they have to ask Hogan for permission....Hogan says NO as the date is (22).  Apparently he is a friend of the brother and so Hogan says let him come talk to me.  Hogan says he is cokay and arraogant ~ this was true.  he allows the date but they have to take Daughter's car.  the catch is unknown to daughter and date, Hogan has installed a GPS device so he can track where the car is at all times on the internet.

After they leave brother tells hogan the boy has nipple piercings and lot so of liqour in his house and took him to a topless beach that was suppose to be a gay beach too.  You could see the veins popping out of Hogan's neck.  They go up to see where they are and the mom said what is this....crazy show.

Everyone has a show....So the question I have, why did the 22 yr old want to take the 16 yr on the date? Friends? get on TV?  Sex?

hey i saw this on sunday night. it looks pretty interesting. yeah i'm not sure why that 22 year old is taking out a 16 yr old out...hmm/??

Never in the history of mankind has a 22 year old guy taken out a 16 year old girl and had good intentions.

I just reviewed the show.


Trevor you crack me up with your "old school wrestling moments"


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