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Richard Rubin's Student ID Card


I got his student ID from somebody at Brandeis that e-mailed me.  Perhaps I was wrong about Richard.  Maybe Richard really is the biggest geek in modern American history.  This ID is exhibit A in that argument.  I still have not been able to formulate an appropriate enough wisecrack to describe this picture.  Enjoy!!!!!!


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WoW Trevor!  Great find!  hmmm...maybe Richard isn't rigged, huh?   *(^
But still...how do we know the person who sent Exhibit A is for real?  The ID photo could've been doctored?  Dunno, but guess we'll find out next week in the "AfterMath" episode if he's an actor or not! Can hardly wait to see if our speculations are right.  :]
I'll be thinking of a caption for the photo!  (|

waiting on Trevors wisecrack  }|


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