Author Topic: Please watch this show!!!!!!!!!!  (Read 6990 times)

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Re: Please watch this show!!!!!!!!!!
« Reply #25 on: July 07, 2005, 03:27:33 PM »
Well I won't jump on you JT, but IMO it wasn't stupid.  It was sensible.  The peeps taught each other LOTS about how the other half lives.  They all left smarter and wiser than before the show.  Even if it was rigged with Richard there...I loved the show and LMAO at Richard!!
I hope there will be a B & G TWO!  |#'

    Of course, Survivor, TAR, BB and others are the topnotch reality shows, but still...B & G presented a different twist to reality TV. I rate it 4 :t-up:  :t-up:  :t-up:  :t-up: 
    I changed from 3 to 4 after reading all the GR8 reviews on Aol TV!  Wow, the majority of viewers who posted reviews gave the show 4 or 5 stars...overall average of 4 stars. 
    Loved reading the reviews! {|
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