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Richard Rigged??

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Ok Folks...let's hear your MHO! (most humble opinion)!!  :]


OMG I hope so  , no one could really be this  Socially ****tarded  {l{

good poll Rudy  :t-up:

Aww tks puddin.  {|
 Believe it or not...the first time I've made a poll here or anywhere!! I love taking polls on just about anything...and have wanted to make one.  Richard seemed a good place to start!
Btw, he cracked me up sometimes!  ((^  I was rooting for him and Mindi, but IF he was rigged, no way would the producers let them win.  Who knows...maybe Mindi's rigged too?!  Hope next week the Aftermath Ep will reveal it all!  (|   }^!

You know what Rudy , deep inside I was rooting for Rich & Mindi too because ..Chuck =BIG DUD  :ZZ:
and I don't think  he learned anything anyway .

  -*^ )') 
Chuck isn't Geekish enough to be the winner!  :(*8  He seemed be a more normal guy, don't you agree puddin? Rich was the Geek of all Geeks...but maybe TOO good to Not be "planted"! 


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