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Beauty and the Geek Season Finale Recap is Up on the Main Page


Hats off to Chuck and Caitilin!


Thanks for taking time out from your vacation to do this for us Trevor  :nods: , yup..all should be revealed next week but at what price ? if Richard is revealed as an actor and all then I feel that the other constestants were wronged and should be rewarded in some way .

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Chuck and Caitilin win Beauty and the Geek
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... comment on it. Until then…….. If you have any questions or comments feel free to e-mail me at trevor.freeman@realityfanforum.com.

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That's awesome!!!!!!

I actually just cleaned up some of the grammar in the article, because I unfortunately wrote it when I was half-asleep and I was just trying to get it up since I saw there were a ton of people on the site.

Hopefully they pick up the next article that I have been working on.  It's on a new reality show that I think everyone needs to watch.

Uh Oh !! Battle of the network stars ?? Trevor if thats the show your talking about I know who won and who lost  </] , if you want to know you know where to find me  :<(


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