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Reality Goes Country!


Reality Goes Country!

July 1, 2005
There are only three ways to leave "Cowboy U: Texas," the reality series on which eight city slickers give up their urban life to see if they have what it takes to be a real-life cowboy: One is on the truck that brought them, the second is in a helicopter that is a fully mobile ambulance and the third is in a body bag.

Premiering tonight at 8 p.m. on CMT, the eight wannabes, who are trying their hand at steer roping and hog tying, may be bruised and bloody, but they are determined to be one of the final four who get to compete in the ultimate rodeo for the $25,000 prize and the right to be called "cowboy."

"This season they are really focused," says professional bull rider JUDD LEFFEW. "They are more determined than anyone we ever had. They are showing it in every competition. They are going all out."

The fourth season of "Cowboy U" gets underway when head cowboy ROCCO WACHMAN takes the city slickers under his wing and teaches them how to wrestle steer, barrel race and ride a live bull.

"It is completely raw here," says BRIAN, one of this season's contestants. "There is no behind-the-scenes primping or pampering. We are out here living it rough."

And female contestant FAWN adds, "It is nothing like anything I imagined it to be."

The eight cowboy hopefuls include four men and four women:

BRIAN, Artist, Lakeland, FL
CANDY, Lawyer, Sacramento, CA
COREY, Personal Trainer, Los Angeles, CA
FAWN, Fashion Merchandiser, Los Angeles, CA
GEORGE, Salesman, Orlando, FL
RACHEL, Ballet Teacher, New York, NY
SAL, Music Director, Hawthorne, CA
TERA, Graphic Designer, Santa Monica, CA

For more on "Cowboy U: Texas," tune in to tonight's ET. Then catch the premiere of the fourth season tonight at 8 p.m. on CMT.



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