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Since filming most likely has started today its time to start a contestant spoiler /speculation topic .
First this from SurvivorThoughts From Iowa ..

--- Quote ---There is this spoiler from Survivor Sucks poster RKsurvivor, which is interesting. Basically, he says Mike Skupin from season two (the guy who fell in the fire and had to be evacuated) said he was asked to participate in next season. Skupin also said that the producers tried to get former Survivors involved in past seasons but it never worked out. I can't imagine that any past Survivor would have a chance if they were on a tribe of brand new contestants. Early on you're always looking for any reason to vote for someone. A previous player comes into the game with a huge red X on his or her back.
--- End quote ---

This fits in with something that I heard and I couldn't post anything untill filming began , I received some info possably two former players returning for S11 as contestants ..

one just maybe Alabama's favorite son, BobbyJon   (::)

I was searching for some spoilers and read this at SurvivorPhoenix

SPOILERS S11: The Others
Posted by: Survivor Phoenix on Jun 25, 2005 - 03:30 PM
 Check out Survivor Guatemala for a never-seen-before twist!

June 25, 2005

The cast of Survivor Guatemala departed earlier this week for the National Park Yaxhá-Nakum-Naranjo where they will take part in survival training and various media interviews. Filming should start on Monday, June 27 for an expected 39 days, giving the crew enough time to vacate the premises by the August 10 deadline set by INGUAT and Survivor producers.

In keeping with Survivor tradition, players will be forced to adapt to the game, as a new challenge is thrown their way. When television viewers tune in to watch their favorite shows in the Fall, the castaways from Lost will not be the only ones to find familiar faces amongst them.


The twist this season? Several sources report that two of the 18 cast members of Survivor Guatemala are expected to be players who have played the game previously. What role they will have, or whether they will fully participate in the game, is so far unknown.
Our preliminary calendar for Survivor Guatemala currently factors in 18 boots over 39 days, but that may change. While there have been rumors in the past of an All-Stars 2, as well as an old vs new Survivor game with a tribe of former players matching wits with new ones, only two returning players suggests that they might fill a ceremonial role, perhaps in keeping with the Maya theme. Jeff Probst did suggest in the preview to the Guatemala edition that players would be "liv[ing] within the ruins of a vanished civilization, and embrac[ing] the ancient Maya lifestyle." Perhaps the presence of these 2 players is a not entirely accurate nod to the Hero Twins of the Popol Vuh.

As for who the 2 players are, we can guarantee that they are none of the quitters from past seasons. Think popular, think gritty. One woman. One man.

The crew will be roughing it a bit more than they have in past seasons, though not quite back to the tent city of the first seasons. In an interview with CBS, the Presidential Commissioner for Tourism, Willy Kaltschmitt, indicated that a camp would be built starting in late May. During a guest host appearance on the "Live with Regis and Kelly" show, Jeff Probst announced that instead of hotels, the crew will have to make do with trailers during the location shoot.

Response about the filming location has been mixed among locals. With many hoping the show will focus international attention and promote tourism, there are those who worry the presence of such a large film crew could damage the fragile archaelogical record, while tour operators are lamenting the loss of revenue during the busy summer season. Still, the deal signed recently between various Guatemalan agencies and Survivor producers seems to take into account all the concerns raised.

We look forward to a terrific season with Survivor Guatemala. 

Out of all the contestants, it is interesting that would bring back Bobby Jon and Mike Skupin.  I guess they are hoping for more comments like Bobby Jon's, "I'm just hoping work can overcome smartness."


--- Quote ---As for who the 2 players are, we can guarantee that they are none of the quitters from past seasons. Think popular, think gritty. One woman. One man.
--- End quote ---

more bobby jon or mike, but not both. that works for me as long as they get a chance. as for the one woman, this screams stephanie to me. or maybe they're going to give wanda a real shot this time.

We were thinking Stephanie also cinni since MB hasn't had much luck promoting her ? I'll let you know if I hear more about the woman contestant . More possable contestant names are being speculated around the forums but without Snewsers Confirmator I think its best to wait   *%# .


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