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Time to start a thread ..

Codeqazplm @
Metropolis Reality Forums , has posted that he/she had spotted a TARF team in Disney/Orlando around June 7th .

also Willard @
Metropolis Reality Forums has posted that his son / wife and children are in TARF , he also confirmed that TARF started filming last week ( this was posted on June 15th) and that the starting line is 85% Disney .

yet another poster Amazing Race Addict posted that ,TAR8 starts in Orlando, Florida to the country of Costa Rica in Central America.

more , this one from a poster named boxsir @ sucks  
--- Quote ---boxsir
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(6/16/05 9:29 pm)
Reply   Re: where will they go?
 I work at Daytona Beach airport and some people were through the other day that had amazing race stuff, when this one lady saw it they quickly hid it and said no one is to know we are here. I would have asked a ton more questions but the girl involved with their bags didn't think anything of it till later and asked me about it knowing how big a fan I am. I am going to ask someone from Delta if they were asking about flights, etc. Richard Petty driving experience at the speedway would be a great challenge, tons of other things come to mind also.   
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Chateau d If:
Hi Puddin!

Can you ask that Willard guy want are the genders of his grandchildren?  That way it does a 1 in 4 naildown of authenticity when the team info is released.

Chateau , I asked but do not know how much info Willard feels is OK to post  *%#  ?

Another poster @ Met ( I'm not famaliar with the members there ) Palpatine , posted

--- Quote ---This is the biggest spoiler that I can give to anyone. 
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