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New Beauty and the Geek recap is Up!!!!!!!!!

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Enjoy.  Great episode!  Chuck and Scarlet are going to get it on.  It's just a matter of time now.  Richard was completely obnoxious tonight.


Before I read the recap ..I wanted to say YAY !! Very happy with the way the ending turned out  {|

rotflmao , your so funny Trevor  ((^ , I would love to see if your prediction is right and Scarlet ( who by the way is stunning ) & Chuck play hide the salami  {l{ .. ( will he get  a nose bleed ? )
I am not sad that Brad Herpes & Krystal are gone , she was not one of my favorites . Richard an actor..hmm could be there is something so famaliar about him ( something Frankesteinish ) also ,  I want to see if he really has the balls to get revenge on Chuck and Caitilin and if he and Mindi will spoon again ?  ]][
I was happy with the outcome but will be sad next week because I like the remaining teams and don't want any of them to be eliminated  :':').

From here on in, we are going to be losing teams that are important.  I personally am rooting for Chuck and Caitilin and Scarlet and Shawn just because I want to see if Chuck and Scarlet hook up.  Scarlet is stunning, she looked off the hook in that fashion show challenge. 

I'm hoping for Chuck's sake he doesn't get a nosebleed, but there's an 88.4% chance that he will the first time he tries to lean in for a kiss.  Scarlet may just have to surprise him to avoid it being messy.

If I were on a reality show and I had a huge zit on my face, I would tell everyone I needed some kind of cover-up.  If I were Brad, no way I let the cameras zoom in for a close-up.  That looked like a cold sore to me.

I'm glad Richard and Mindi weren't eliminated.  Richard needs this experience most of all.  Notice he kissed Krystal on the lips when she left.  That was huge!  I found myself getting emotional during the show.

Chuck and Scarlet getting together was interesting.  Can't wait for the guys' makeovers next week!

I guess there will be another series after this one, at the end of the show there was a call for new contestants.


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