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Another excellent episode.  I am completely hooked.  Let's all cross our fingers and hope Chuck does not get a nosebleed at the wrong time next week with Scarlet.


I missed it Trevor I thought it was on at 9  :':') now I dont know if I should read the recap or wait untill tomorrow night for the repeat  (%# ?

i had to miss it too!! |(  gonna catch the repeat tomorrow!!! *%#  so just tell me who go the boot, trevor!!!! :<(

OH no I had a few Black Russians and went ahead and read it ..NO NO probably the most interesting team to me got the BOOT  |( Joe the sweetheart that was not afraid to admit he was a Virgin on national TV and Erika the Horny Hibbity-dibbity Ho  (%# , go figure . Funny recap thanks for making me LMAO Trevor  {l{ .

Do Chuck and Scarlet play "doctor" next week?  ^/^
I will watch the rerun and let you know what I think !

I'm hooked too, Trevor!! It's such a funny, cute, serious and educational show....a unique  change from the normal reality show!  I love it! Verrry entertaining/interesting as they all experience "how the other half lives".   They're all gonna be positively impacted as a result.  '(>
Gooo Beauts n' Geeks!!   ]#*    |#'  {l{   

(Wish Joe & uhh...sorry forgot her name...were still there!  I especially liked Joe... He was just beginning to feel more comfy in that environment.  Too bad he's gone...  }}{  )


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