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RFF Radio Episode #1 - 6/7/2005

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I have made the Easy Way, easier! LOL

Now, you don't even have to install software. If you downloaded the program with the easy way, please uninstall it, you don't need it now!


You guys make a great pair  |#' , I was smiling and laughing with you both . Rob I know your voice but was surprised at Trevors ..very sexy  ;;) . I have no suggestions and thought it was a great listen , and am looking forward to next weeks .. Oh and Rob stop picking on Rob & Amber  )< , get over it because they are IN Your FACE and will be around for a long time  neener neener /]* .
Cant wait to see what celebrity Trevor has lined up for an interview for the front page news  |#' .
Don't forget Beauty & The Geek plus Gilligans Island is on tonight  ]#* , cant wait to read Trevors B&TG recap !!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!  (| We do have a good one tentatively lined up for an interview.

We will be doing a recap of Beauty and the Geek tonight.  I cannot wait to see what happens in the second episode of the show.  I do plan on watching Gilligan's Island, just to see how it is.  I really didn't catch too much of last season's.

Same with me on Gilligans Island last season , I quickly lost interest but may give it a chance again . I can hardly wait to see how many nose bleeds Chuck gets  ((^ .


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