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What is RFF Reality TV Podcast?
RFF Reality TV Podcast is a weekly show that is recorded, then posted for download. You can download & listen at your convenience. It is not a live show, and you will not be able to listen live. Please visit our Offical Website/Blog at http://www.rffradio.com

How often are you going to make a show?
We record every Wednesday night, and the show will be posted on that night or the next morning. During the Survivor season, we Record & Publish our show on Thursday nights, right after Survivor airs, that way, our listeners get out thoughts on the latest episode of Survivor

How long will the show be?
It will be about 45-60 minutes long.

Can I ask questions to be answered on the show?
Yes. We want your questions about Reality TV. You can email them to us at show@rffradio.com. You can either send an email or you can (if you have a microphone) open your sound recorder on your computer, and record, save and email your question.

Can I listen live?
Yes, we are now doing live shows. Go to http://www.rffradio.com/live to learn how to listen live.

If you have any more questions, please reply to this message!!!

Great idea, Rob!  Hey! thanks to YOU...I found my Sound Recorder, which I've wondered about but never tried to locate!  Lucky I remembered where I put the mic.  {l{

This evening,  I've searched all over for instructions on where to plug in the mic, but to no avail.  I'll need to ask my friend Gary to help me.  Of course, I can still email my questions until I get the sound stuff all figured out.

Good Luck with RFF Radio.  Are you going to moderate then?  Or Trevor? Or both of you? 


Ruday (*(


Hi. If your computer is newer, it should be the PINK port on the back of your computer.

I am still going to moderate, and Trevor is still going to be writing articles for us. Just a little side thing we are doing with RFF Radio!

Good luck, and hope to have your audio question for the show!


Thanks Rob!  I wondered if it would be pink, b/c the mic plug is pink.
I'll still have to ask Gary to help me since my CPU is in a wierd place and it's too hard for me to move it in order to plug in the mic!  :]   I think he'll be here on Saturday.

Ruday ($)  Hey puddin, cute emote!  {l{

I was wondering how it went  *%# ?


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