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I'm so glad Carrie won....I had her picked when she 1st auditioned.  But I still think the best F2 (and hardest to predict) would have been Constantine vs. Carrie  (|

The best part of the show was the skit making fun of Corey Clark's allegations!  He's probably already talking to his lawyers this morning.

I think Bo coming in second is not a bad thing.  Sure, I liked him better than Carrie, but compare this to the Rueben/Clay F2.  If Clay had won, he wouldn't have broken away from Idol and become as big as he is.  He'd still be chugging through the system.  Rueben has all but disappeared.  He's had to cancel concerts for lack of interest.  Bo will be free to pursue other projects pretty quickly, unlike Carrie, who will be under the Idol name for some time to come.

Lynryd Skynyrd is in need of a new lead singer . . . .

i agree, chat!!  congrats to little carrie, the gal can sing!!  but bo will go farther with out the contracts of a/idol!!  (|         i loved their duet!! }^!  good season!! :]

I have to say that for this season any of the top 3 could have won and I would have been OK with it.  I was rooting harder for Carrie because she is a local girl - I know several people who know her (one of my babysitters actually went to the AI auditions with her).  I would definately buy a Carrie, Vonzelle or Bo CD.

I thought the part of the show where the contestants performed with their idols was pretty awsome.  One note to Constantine though - give up on being a rocker.  You will do awsome on broadway and you rock when you sing ballad type songs, but when you put on the hard rock persona you just look goofy.

You can tell that they wanted Carrie to win.  They didnt let Bo sing the songs that he is good at singing. They focused more on Carries voice. I was hoping that Bo would win, but hey I think he will outsell Carrie. Just my 2 cents


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