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Review of Britney and Kevin's Chaotic up on the Main Page


Here is the link.  Just a terrible show.


OMG Trevor this had me rotflmao  ^/^ , not the show ..your recap , honestly I watched the first 10 minutes of the shows premeire and have no gone back since ..but now that I read your recap I sorta wish that i had seen this episode ..what exactly was going on with the flight scene  {l{  ?

Britney was acting hysterical about how she thought the plane was going to crash.  How she couldn't see the ground on the descent.  I'm not even doing justice describing it.  One of those things you can't even believe is happening.

That BAD Huh ?  ((^

I only watched the first episode...and had to turn it off...but then I found out that the second half of the episode was about her meeting K Fed and it was on again the next day on the local Canadian station so I started watching it....and I couldn't take it so I turned it off.

I will watch just about anything, but this was such dreck and drivel that I couldn't stand to look at Britney one more time.  Don't get me wrong, I like Britney's music, I'm sure unlike most women my age, but she has good dance songs, and as long as I don't have to watch her live, she is very entertaining.  But this show makes her look sooooo stupid I can't believe that she is letting this air.  Maybe she really is some brilliant business woman, and this is part of her plan, but I don't think so.

Her mother must be just shaking her head.  Hope she's getting lots of money for doing this show.

I might give it one more chance on Wednesday, but I'm just not sure!!!


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