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Hey Vonzell Fans, Who do we vote for now?

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I was dissapointed last night when Vonzell did not make the final two.  So for all the Vonzell fans who post here my question is:  Who do we vote for now?

sorry about Vonzell floridagirl  /*^ , I guess I'll vote for Carrie , I have nothing against Bo I just think shes better ..sorta  {l{

never really like carrie all that much so that leaves me bo. now if only i could vote.

My household was disappointed to see Vonzell go too, but expected it.  Now we are torn between Carrie and Bo.  I've liked Carrie since her audition and was glad to see someone I actually like make it this far.  I think I will lean toward voting for Carrie, but I'm sure we'll be fighting over the phone next week.     }_f{

p.s. There's a cute article in next weeks TV guide about Idols. 


i am voting for bo, as i think carrie will have contracts in the pop country field! }^!


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