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BO & Carrie are the Final Two

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 {| sorry Vonzell .. Love Ya  }bH{

go bo!!!! }^!   carrie did great tonight on that song!!! ]][  yep, you are right, puddin!!  she can sing better than me!!! ((^

 (%# Gammy can you do the chicken dance ?

It doesnt matter to me which one wins.. I think Carrie is a bit better in a different way than Bo , I havent voted this year but will probably throw some votes towards Carrie  ]**]

yes, can you do the chicken dance!!  too cute with all the kids!!!  we laugh our a$$ off every time we do it!! ((^  carrie is a good country pop singer, but that is it!! ,.(  bo can do it all, except country pop probably!! }^!

Heh no matter who I pick they are sure to lose ..

<<<<<<<<<<< just ask them  {l{


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