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Brown Guy:
A credible source has confirmed for me today that CBS has finally confirmed  Survivor All-Stars. The filming will start sometime in the fall or possibly early next year. So the all star series will actually be Survivor 8 instead of 9. No location has been confirmed but so far the list of contestants include:Richard Hatch, Tina Wesson, Rudy Boesh, Susan Hawk, Jeri Manthey and Ethan Zohn. The other possible contestants are favorites such as Rob (everyone's favorite loser of survivor amazon).

The proposed date for the show to begin is February 14th, 2004

I hope that Survivor has not just "Jumped the Shark" with thier All-Star edition. But I think it will be good to see some back! The winners will be gotten rid of first I think.


Welcome Brown Guy!

I think an All-Star edition would be fun with all the folks we came to love and hate.

Welcome Brown Guy.  Thanks for the information on who might be on the all star show.  It will be good for me as I really didn't get on the survivor bandwagon until Survivor 5, the one that Brian won.  I did see a bit of the Africa one but when they were spinning the board and eating those disgusting insects--it grossed me out so much that I couldn't watch it.

Know someone i would love to see on the Survivor All Star show?  Michael, i don't know his last name, but the one that fell in the fire.  I thought he would do very well and i would love to see him again.



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