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what's up??? am idol finale!!!

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i am pickin bo to win!!!  }^!     carrie should have gone to the country western idol!!!  ,.(    vonzell is good, but not as good a bo!!! =]/  so what do y'all think about the finale??  kind of music??  final two??  is there any info out there??? :<(

Found this over at Riii ........

Tonights song groups: Artist Choice, Judges Choice, Clive Davis' Choice

Judge Choice
Bo - (I Can't Get No) Satisfation/ The Rolling Stones (Paula)
Carrie - Man, I Feel Like A Woman/ Shania Twain (Randy)
Vonzell - On The Radio/ Donna Summer (Simon)

Clive Davis' Choice
Bo - Don't Let The Sun Go Down/ Elton John  :] Love this song!!!
Carrie - Cryin'/ Roy Orbison
Vonzell - I'll Never Love This Way Again/ Dionne Warwick  ]#* Like this one too!!!

thanks tanbuns. wow, those are all great songs. should be a good night.  |#'

judges have picked songs that will let the idol wannabes showcase their best talents. i thought i read somewhere that the idols got to pick one too? that they'll be singing 3 songs each tonight?

bo singing stones? ROCK ON!!!  =]/

Clive Davis.. awesome , I  }^/ dont care for any of them if I had to choose I would like to see Carrie win


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