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Yeah...Shang posted the direct link to her first week's picks...only Shang can see that link!  Guess I need a more informative error message there (normally the link is not available to other users when you log in from the front page).

No problem though--as most of you know, just drop everything past and you'll get in just fine.

Have fun everyone this season, and if I may recommend, try the OutPick'Em game.  Because I know many readers here use the spoilers, you won't be allowed to play in the "paired" or "random" mode, but you can play a private game in your private tribe, and there is a user that runs a "cheater" group that plays OutPick'Em and he's always looking for other players.  I think they had a great time last season.  Try it out!


Lance  :<( Thank You again for all your hard work & hosting this game for us  {|

( me a cheater   :)*  ??  I might think about joining a cheater league..depends on how good the spoilers are this year   :t-up: )

game links here,6585.0.html

Hey Lance!  ,,>(  Thanks for hosting your Pick'em Game!  It's one of my Favs!  |#' :t-up:



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