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Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
« on: May 15, 2005, 07:02:30 PM »
thanks as always to Trixego @ Mess Hall  ]**]

36 days ago, 20 Americans adventure of lifetime
Two necklaces for woman and man to shore
From beginning whole new game
No other info to guide them, no one knew what to expect
Two tribes - 9 members
Two go home
Jo and Ian learned value of necklaces, in end Wanda/Jonathon left behind
Wanda sings

At the first IC, Ulong stumbled with crucial decisions
And older Koror proved age didn't matter when they won IC and flint
At Ulong's first tC, Jolanda's strength did not prevent her from taking fall
On Day 4, tribes battled, Ulong made brief comeback but Koror soon back on roll winning challenge after challenge
Koror wins fourth straight IC
Jeff: James you haven't won one single IC
Ulong losing members fast
Even though Koror dodged TC, alliance of five exposed
Koror continued victory sweep
Losing only Willard at surprise double TC
Ulong lost Angie, James, Ibe
Ulong had dwindled to tribe of two
BJ: Nothing has worked
Steph: Still ready to win
At Koror Tom emerged as tribe leader
Tom: Killing shark
and BJ and Steph continued to give all at challenges
But Ulong continued to come up short
BJ: Seems like Tom beats me every single time
On Day 18, Koror wins 7th straight IC for first time, one tribe made clean sweep
Ulong - II challenge, loser goes home
Steph/BJ were forced to face off against each other
Though Steph had doubts about fire making skills, she came out victorouis
Next day Steph joined Koror tribe
Ian: New in town
Secretly some saw her as threat
Jenn: Longer she is with us, needs to go fast
But Coby took heat off Steph by exposing too many tribe secrets
Tom won first II and at TC Coby's loose lips cost him game and became first member of jury
Day 25, Janu on last leg and fed up with tribe
Katie: Janu is crazy person
Though Janu ready to go, Steph sensed she was in danger
At TC, Steph's worst fears realized when became clear she was next to go
Steph: Showed @#%$
But Janu threw a wrench in the plan
Janu: Willing to lay down torch
In last ditch effort, Steph agreed to Katie's all woman alliance plan
But hopes crumbled when Caryn spilled beans to Tom
Tom: They are plotting against guys
Katie; Caryn sucks
At TC, Steph's hard fought battle came to end and voted out
with only original Koror, the real battle about to begin
On Day 31, Gregg won RC on yacht
Gregg chose J/K on ride
Back at camp, Ian realized 3-3
So they concocted risky plan to force Gregg out
Tom: You and I choose rocks
Ian: Risk we have to take
Meanwhile G/J/K strategized on their own
But right before TC, Ian let Katie in on plot to oust Gregg
Ian: Made promises to Tom and Katie; staying true to that
Plan worked, Gregg out
Jenn was upset she was left out of plot against Gregg
Ian and Katie's bond continued to strengthen when he promised Kaite to take her on next reward
But when Ian won car and trip to mansion chose Tom instead
Katie was furious!
Katie: Feel like lost BG
Katie resurrected talk of all girl alliance
When T/I returned, Ian/Katie had emotional confrontation
Ian: Over and above, please forgive, you want me to step out I'll do it
Tom worked to put pressure on Katie
At TC, Katie was still wary of Ian
Ian: Biggest mistake I made
and Caryn brought all of I and T's game plan out in open
Caryn: Had it up to here
Caryn's tirade didn't help her, Katie put her trust in her friendship into Ian and helped vote out Caryn

Now only four remain, Ian, Katie, Jenn and Tom, tongiht they will compete in final IC's two will face jury and one will outlast all the rest and become the SoleSurvivor!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2005, 07:20:17 PM »
note :CBS Fantasy first confessional Katie

Koror DAy 37

Kaite; Day 37
Katie conf: Caryn did me a huge favor by throwing all that stuff out there in that Ian really betrayed me
Ian: How did you sleep Jen
Ian conf: Going into final four, don't want to be the one with highest stock onjury, right now Tom is the biggest target, feel real good

Katie: OMG help us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tom: OMG what is that


Ian conf: sounded like someone massacred, cooler with breakfast in it, champage

All hugging each other!!!

Tom: Thought a croc got you
Katie: Good breakfast, gonna need it.........

Hugs again all around
Tom conf: No gimmes, fight for what you get, get something for nothing was a "attaboy" what we say in firehouse

Katie conf: Eat/laugh enjoy each other though we are ready to slit each other's throats, someone last night

Jenn conf: Tom has dominated

I/J/K: all talking
Ian: Ready where this is like....
Ian conf: have to beat crap out of Tom, win challenge and Tom goes home, if I don't, Tom is my best friend again

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Re: Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2005, 07:21:02 PM »
Yellow Chevy SSR

All admiring

Jeff: winner does not win the car, it goes to winner of Survivor. Also wins what is in glove box, blank check for a million dollars


Jeff: Tom give it up

All four begin attached to rope, make way thru tire crawl through, three different points, collect keys, go to tower, unleash from rope, open padlocks, second level, untie ropes, go to third level, graveling hook get ladder rungs, all four, build way to top of level, untie flag and raise it

Next two, flying fox, get bag, three numbers to a combo lock, get that and flag, raise flag wins IC........................

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Re: Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
« Reply #3 on: May 15, 2005, 07:25:20 PM »
Challenge begins

Jenn at first keys
Ian through his, Tom working on his
Katie struggling alrady
Jenn quick lead
Tom right behind
J/T in lead
Ian in there
Katie bringing up rear
I/T second set of keys
J/I trying to work it out
Tom in lead
Tom has all three keys, at tower
Ian and Jenn right behind
katie still in reard
Tom on locks
Ian on locks
Jenn getting out of rope
Tom has first lock undone, now Ian
Jenn very close
Katie is either very worn out or not worried at all
Tom has all three, moving to second level
ian right behind
Tom on rope, three sets of knots
Jenn on next leve
Katie still bringing up reard
Tom second set
Ian right behind
Katie now has all three locks undone, next level
Tom through last rope, third level
Katie still on knots
Tom for first ladder rung, and got it
Jenn/Ian dead even
Ian third set, moving on to graveling hook
Jenn right behind
Ian has one hook
Tom got his second rung
Tom has his third rung
Ian has second rung
Tom right on last one, got it hooked
Jenn falling behind, can't figure out hook
Tom assembling ladder
Ian another rung hooked, third one
Tom top level
Tom has flag raised, moving on

I/J fighting for second spot
Ian grabs his fourth rung
Jenn trouble
Ian putting ladder together, top level
Katie nowhere close

Tom/Ian moving on

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Re: Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
« Reply #4 on: May 15, 2005, 07:26:54 PM »

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Re: Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
« Reply #5 on: May 15, 2005, 07:28:34 PM »
Here we go..........................

Flying fox..............
Neck and neck
Racing back
tom bit of lead
Ian right behind
Three numbers in some order

Both working furiously
Ian untied
Tom falling behind
Ian working on combo
Tom now has his numbers out
Ian wrong on first one
Tom trying his, little luck invovled
Tom wrong on first one
Ian wrong again
Tom trying another set
Tom wrong again
Jenn cringing.......
Ian doesn't have it
Tom has a new combination
Tom has it, lock undone
Jenn looking down
Tom has flag undone
Ian: Grrrrrrrr
Tom raises flag, TOM WINS IMMUNITY

Ian just looks fed up
Jenn: Good job Tom
Ian: Good job
They hug

Jeff: couldn't come at better time..........

Jeff: I/K/J one of you going home tongiht


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Re: Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
« Reply #6 on: May 15, 2005, 07:37:37 PM »
{ Ian has the slip of the tongue , TC Jeff talks to Tom first  }

Koror Day 37

Katie: Biggest challenge, it didn't stop

Ian conf I went over in my head, send Tom home and if not Jenn goes home


Tom: Deal was fight at final four, not in final round, can't turn on them Jenn

Tom conf: Ya have to tell lies....

Tom: Was telling Jenn, can't cut you loose (to Ian) so I'm just saying that, pleasure and honor playing this far with you (to Jenn)

Tom/Jenn hugg
Jenn/Katie hug
Tom conf: I'm taking risk but that is my move

Kaite: People saying why does she deserve to be in final
Ian: Glad that I made it, appreciate you sticking with me (to Katie)
Tom is there too

Tom conf: Thought we we were rock solid but when he said that (to Katie) makes me think

Tom: When I told Ian about you, he said he was glad it wasn't a tough decision, realize that Ian has been deciding...
Jenn: he was after you, that was the deal, if you lost, three of us were going to put you out
Tom: Let's talk to him

Tom: Ian when I told yu it was a no brainer you said it wouldn't be tough for you, what am I the fool doing the right thing
Ian: Lotta things said in game, it was a decision I didn't have to make
Jenn: what did you say if Tom didn't win immunity
Tom: tell me what you said
Ian: I told them I would vote you out
Ian: But Tom...l
Tom: that is all I needed to know!

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Re: Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
« Reply #7 on: May 15, 2005, 07:42:11 PM »
skip to votes  , tie ?  ;)

Tribal Council

Jury arrives

Jeff: TC usually starts about sundown, way past sundown, tells me something went on at camp
Tom: Tough IC, so much at stake, wasn't in panic mode cuz I have a solid thing, only I and I agains teach other and Jenn would go
Tom: Ian said glad I didn't win cuz I don't know what i would have done, am I the fool, risking a million, out of honor, walk down beach and Jenn told me that Tom would go; asked Ian but he said just game talk
Jeff: Ian cloud around you
Ian: Bottom line, Tom went so far to make agreement for final three, Tom said what is going on, doesn't mean I was going to do it
Jeff: Did you ever tell him heads up
Ian: Absolutely
Tom: Ian didn't tell me that, he made a third strike, finds out he said something about Tom going, he just said we had agreement, we never said we would try, we said we would go togheter, drop gloves, fight out and go together
ian: My prespetive, flabbergasted, worried that Tom is taking my word against someone in 11th hour and cornered
Tom: It isn't Jenn's word it is your word I am listening to
Ian: My intentions was K/T in final three
Jeff: Looks on faces
Tom angry
katie hurt
Jenn delighted

Jenn: They need to hear thing
Katie: Ian is concerned about what Tom thinks but not what I think, I have a vote too
Ian: I am concerned b/c of the disucssion I had with Tom
Katie: If it is tied up... you aren't considering that
katie: Have you lied to me in past 24 ours
Ian: Have I? No. straight up

Jeff: Tom not going anyhwered
Tom: Things rock, holding onto it


Ian Jenn Ian Jen

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Re: Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
« Reply #8 on: May 15, 2005, 07:43:43 PM »

Katie & Tom  vote


another Tie
no rocks
a tie breaker FIRE challenge

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Re: Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
« Reply #9 on: May 15, 2005, 07:45:15 PM »
Ian wins the fire tiebreaker Jenn goes byby

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Re: Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
« Reply #10 on: May 15, 2005, 07:47:44 PM »
pbp continued .................

Jenn not shown
Tom not shown
ian not shown
Katie not shown


He looks a little wha??

Coby does his face lol

Jeff: Only K/T vote, if neither change, deadlocked, tiebreaker, Katie you are up

Both Katie and Tom vote


Still tied.............
Tiebreaker - J/I take part in challenge invol;ving fire
Steph smiles

Ian/Jenn go to firemaking material, same as BJ/Steph's challenge


Jen has little something going
Ian has a big flame but alot is coconut husks
Ian got a legitimate fire going
Hitting the rope
jenn needs to get something going
Ian is very close to burning through
jen just looks over

Jen can't get it going
Ian burns through.................

Ian staysin game
Ian go take spot next to Katie
Jenn bring torch over
Jenn tribe has spoken
Jenn: Good luck guys

Jeff: You three are final three, interesting night at camp and tomorrow, sugest get some sleep you will need it

Ian looks concerned
Katie and tom stoic

Jenn: Didn't work about my way, disappointed in Kaite, she went against that, Katie I dunno if you have my vote any longer

Tom voted Ian
Katie voted Jenn

(Think Tom wanted to put the scare into Ian?)

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Re: Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
« Reply #11 on: May 15, 2005, 07:54:58 PM »
here we go.................

{ Ian crys Fantasy Points }
Koror Night 37

Lotsa rats

Tom conf: we came back, thinking wow, just gave a vote to Ian, saying to myself, did I do right? He did same to me, personal grudge now

Ian: want do you want you to tell you?
Tom: We were duking it out to end
Ian: No, no
Tom: All out now!

Katie; Stop, stop, Tom has been sticking up foryou saying Ian never wavered
Tom: All three of us, no mnore lies
Ian: No matter what I say, I am bad guy
Tom: YOu are lying to both of us
katie; Just say that you were going to take out Tom to me and Jenn
IAn: Playing a game
Tom: Thought we all were playing, all three, helped you, we said get rid of Jenn
Ian: Crucifying me
Tom: you didn't give me a chance, wish you could say I am right
Katie; Agrees with Tom
Ian: telling you what is in my @#%$ and soul
Katie: Just say you are making double deals and got caught
tom: Yeah, kinda refreshing, would love to tell you to step up and be a man, guess it will come with age, you slipped tonight and you belw it

ian looks shellshocked and just sits there in dark

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Re: Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
« Reply #12 on: May 15, 2005, 08:02:29 PM »
Morning at Koror

Ian conf: shouldn't be like this, got laid out, only my game that I was playing, nobody else doing wrong, (very upset)

Katie goes over to Ian

Ian dejected
Katie: you should pick me
Ian: my intention
katie: would like to believe that but last night rough

Ian conf: crying... didn't come out to be this backstabber especially those two, came to play but bottom line I wanted K/T in final three and we got here, am I wrong, or am I playing game like everyone else, right now I amg oing to fight, not afraid; going to final two

Tom approaches

15 torches, journey at sea, last challenge, battle of final three

Tom conf: sweet moment, acknowlege everyone to palyed against you or for you and bury them at seas

Katie: Jolanda, competitor
Jolanda: strong black woman, threat, I know myself
Katie: Ashlee
Ashlee: humbles you, I can go home knowing I pushed myself as far as I can go, I was okay
Katie: jeff
Jeff: Bonehead mistake, rolled ankle, I don't regret single thing, at least no one hates me
Katie: Kim
Kim: Embrace who I am, what is deep inside of us

Katie: Willard
Willard: won game of life, important part

Beautfil scene throwing torches in water

Angie: Never been part of team, relied on myself, prove to stick it out, people surprised
Katie: Jaaaaaaaaaames, made me laff everytime
Ian: Character!
James: Came in like conquer all, whooo doggie, not take life for granted
Ian: Ibe, strong silent one
Ibe: Being rained on, hungry, tired, became more spiritual
Tom: BJ
Katie: never stopped working
Tom: Always conducte dhimself like gentleman
BJ: No regrets, fulfilled destiny, blood, sweat out on that island

Katie: Coby, Coby, Coby
Coby: Played too hard, threat but I don't care, what I wanted, no regrets, none
Katie: Janu
Janu: Expreience rollercoaster, glad I made decision to lay down torch, messed up plans to keepme in

Katie; Steph, love her
Ian: Yeah
Katie: Good spirit
Steph: Never knew how strong I really was, to continue to be last one standing in my tribe
Katie: Gregg, tough one
Gregg: More excited to get back to life/family, integrity, proud of who I am during game

Katie: Caryn and I had lots of ups/down but like her
Ian: Respect her
Caryn: Whole other level, all consuming.........

Katie: Jenn, really hard one for me, Jenn best girl out here, sad to see her go, love you Jenn
Ian: Great person
Jenn: proved I'm not girlie girl, been most amazing experience in my life


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Re: Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
« Reply #13 on: May 15, 2005, 08:10:06 PM »
IC ...

buoy pole endurance( read it lasts 11 Hours ! )

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Re: Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
« Reply #14 on: May 15, 2005, 08:11:07 PM »
Katie goes out after 4 hours

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Re: Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
« Reply #15 on: May 15, 2005, 08:12:05 PM »
Challenge overhead shot--three somethings in the water

Tom gives up the necklace.

JP--for the last time, IC, bob on a buoy as long as you can, each buoy has a pole to hang onto and a small metal disk to stand on (smaller than feet). Can't sit on disk, can't touch any part of buoy

no sit, not touch, under disk, barefoot

JP--I guess no one is going to willingly step down, no one trusts anyone in this group.

Katie--you kidding me

JP--one hour,

Ian--rough last night,

roiling clouds,
2 hours, sea makes the buoy sway,

JP--wind picking up
Ian hugs pole

JP--here comes the rain

3 hours,

Tom squatting on his, Ian squatting on his, Katie stretching a leg

JP--Tom rain more difficult
Tom--not as difficult as sun would be

Sun comes out and bakes down

Katie holds pole

Katie--I'm pretty confident I can win
JP--Ian can you beat tom?

Katie--it hurts
Katie--my back

Katie wincing into her pole

moon comes out

JP--coming up on 5 hours

They hang on in the dark

Katie steps down
Katie--good luck guys

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Re: Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
« Reply #16 on: May 15, 2005, 08:15:00 PM »
JP--last immunity with everything you two have been through

JP--what's hurting?

Tom--everything is numb from the knees down
Ian--I feel pretty good

Moon, full of course

JP--I'm amazed we've been out here 8 hours, no word spoken for the last 4, and no notion of a deal come up

Tom--You step off I'm taking you
Katie gets up from where she's laying

Tom--I'll count to three

Ian--no way, I'm hanging out here for awhile, I like it here

Tom--hey, second isn't chump change
Ian--(oops missed it)
Tom--I won't sit down


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Re: Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
« Reply #17 on: May 15, 2005, 08:19:18 PM »
11 hrs 45 minutes  `/~

Ian will step down if Tom takes Katie !!  |#' WooHoooooooooo

Tom accepts !!!

Ian dives  :]

Tom wins

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Re: Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
« Reply #18 on: May 15, 2005, 08:20:54 PM »
Tom votes Ian out
Tom & Katie final two

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Re: Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
« Reply #19 on: May 15, 2005, 08:22:19 PM »
pbp cont...............

11 hours 45 minutes

Ian and Tom in the moonlight, with JP reclining watching them

Ian staring at Tom

Ian--I've had an interesting day, I'll go now if you take Katie

JP--wait you will step down if he will take Katie

Ian--yeap, I'll do that

Tom stares at him

JP--just to be clear, Tom has been offering to take you, but you want to take back your integrity

Ian--I can't leave this game with that on my shoulders. the longer I sit up here, thinking about it, I feel like being true to myself

Tom--he wins my respect

Ian jumps

11 hours 55 minutes

Tom dives in

JP--no one would have predicted this

Tom and Ian hug on the deck, Tom dives back in

JP--let me ask you something, is there any reason we can't have TC right now,

Tom--let me ask Ian one more time, you want me to hold to that

Ian--yes, take Katie

JP--give me a verbal vote

Tom, eh, I'm going to vote out my buddy Ian, as bad as I felt last night, I, oh my god, he has my respect.

JP--Tom, Katie, you two are the final two, tomorrow night we'll have the final TC, Ian stay with me, I'll get you to the jury

Katie blows Ian a kiss, Ian sits crosslegged as Tom and Katie paddle off.


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Re: Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
« Reply #20 on: May 15, 2005, 08:32:01 PM »

Tom: Tell you abut a dream I had, no one else in camp, had dream we were final two, is it possible
Katie: Day 39........... can u believe it
Tom: Time almost here
Kat conf: OMG, this is it, last day, wait just Tom and I, made to final two
Tom: Good testament to you, miss you
Tom conf: Katie likeable/character, don't know if people would say had enuff of Tom and immunity necklace...... to be here is almost disconnecting, trouble having processing it, TC is tonight, last day here, bittersweet, tough here but experience of lifetime, take away this place with lump in throat

Kate: whoever wins get that (Koror flag)
Tom: right

Tom con: celebratory bonfire, use picnic table, great day to be here, won't be used by any other family/tribe


Katie: Tom the fireman, be careful around fire
Kate con: played differently than Tom but just as hard, Tom isthreatening, intimidating, will be candid and tell them waht Tom did to keep himself in game

Katie: good bye coconut, bye rats
Tom: that is right, good bye coconuts, had enuff of that


Katie conf: hope people will appreciate the game for what it is, hope people will give me credit for the choices i made

Tom conf: No sugarcoating, in their hands, so be it

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Re: Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
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Re: Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
« Reply #22 on: May 15, 2005, 08:35:13 PM »

Jury arrival...........
and last member
Ian, voted out at impromtu TC

Slugged it out, all power to seven poeple that you had hand in voting out, they will question you and based on what you tell them, they will vote, opening statement then they get first chance to address you, closing comment, then vote

Tom: takes off IN, honor to sit in front of tribe, i don't sit here pretending I deserve this anymore than you, judge me on who I was, played hard, provided, never a nasty word, tried to keep light, been an honor, humbling, cherish you people

Katie: two different people, not pretending close to tom in some aspects, goal is self preservation, that is what I did, never had immuntiy but am sitting here now, you may think i was bettween two strong people, that was my plan, didn't want to hurt anyone, played only way, definitely outwitted, honored to be sittinghere right now

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Re: Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
« Reply #23 on: May 15, 2005, 08:53:38 PM »
First up.............

Coby: Whoo; Hi you guys
Tom: Hi coby
Coby: Serious, I have issues, respect I was outplaying but no respect how you played, Katie you making it hard with that grin, but if you get my vote it won't be for how you played the game, you sat out most of them, rarely saw any mustering energy, your social skills didn't come out from allaince, maybe only thing is riding coattails  if vote for you it won't be for you but against Tom, Tom, you played this game almost as dirty as I would like to, you played dirty, dancing around lies, very good at it, your chance to bring out badge of courage of honest/truth, i will sit down and listen to every word you say and it could cost you a milion

Gregg: Tom, when Koror was seven you didn't have immunit, you and I had conversation that if anyone broke the five, I am part of alliance, I saved you but you didn't do the same, so why should I give you vote

Tom: I did think you threatened me, I was taken in but Ian said you were next to go I believe him, I apologized, I can't believe I had number played on me, total regrets

Gregg: Katie you were worthless around camp, embarrasing at challaneges, you would think you would at least make friends but I can count when you made fun of them and betrayed them, how can being so pathetic be your plan to win

Katie: wow gregg, I don't know where  to begin, sorry you feel like I am pathetic, sorry you had to go there, would never say that about you, I don't think I am, played with cards I have, not athletic, sorry you think I am pathetic, game is about getting here, never wavered; Katie crying

Stephenie: Well congrats both of you, Tom I guess on Koror, you took me aside that I wasn't dead and you would do what I could and you would fight for me, unfortunately I don't think you fought that hard, when my name brought up what did you do to fight for me, specifics

Tom: went as far as I could, five person alliance, I couldn't just say Steph, Steph, I had to preserve that, to lose my alliance and save you didn't make any sense

steph Okay

Steph: Katie, why should I not vote for Tom
Katie;Hoped this wouldnt' be ugly, Tom came to me and said we have to take out Steph, Tom, you pulled me to the side and said that
TOm: Why would I say that to someone I had an alliance with?? No sense to that
katie:: I swear I remember that
Tom shakes head
STeph: Perfect, thanks guys

Janu: Well okay, Tom, you being man you are, tell me how hard was it to compromise your integrity to get as far as you did
Tom: We all know rules, lines we have to draw and choose to cross, didn't get to lines and cross, played the game as well as I can with as much honor as I could, can't play without misdirecting but the real goal was to get into this seat and I welcome the chance for judging

Janu: Katie if you could give me three posisitve and negative adjective how you played
Katie: I don't expect your vote Janu so I don't know if I have to do that, I will if you need me to
Janu: You re assuming you don't have my vote? So be it, I will return to jury; fair  enough then

Katie looks just, just fed up
Caryn: Tom, what was I to you in the game, pawn? Did we have legitimate friendship
Tom: Never lied you were in, told you we were parents, look out for each, found out you lied to me, didn't believe you, thought you were stirring up nest, nearly cost me game, if I didn't win immunities, would have gone home
Caryn: was i a pawn
Tom: I won't answer that, I will let you find that yourself in your @#%$
Caryn; Katie you were phony cruel except to T/I, lazies, unkind etc, give me one rason for a vote
Katie: Well, sorry if you think I am unkind, whatever you want tot hink is your perogative, if you don't vote for me it won't change your vote,

caryn: tell me something that I missing
Kat: Game is about alliances, you are sitting there cuz you didn't make one
CaryN; Got it Katie

Jenn: Congrats, Tom. my take is that you are a litle chavenunistic, you don't rspect me, woman with a vote, why should I give you my vote when I don't think you rspect me
Tom: My respect did come late but when you told me about confronting Ian, thought hey I respect that, had no game to see there
Jenn: Katie what is worse is soeone who gets disrespected over and over, you had oopporutnity to play as strong woman...
Katie: Preserved myself, strong person how to playh this game, not here to prove I am strong woman, I believe that, stuck to plan and strategy, yeah I feel good about my game

Ian: What is bigtest reason we as group shouldn't give you a million?
Katie: biggest reason b/c of my personality; if that is what you are judging then don't vote for me
Tom: Shouldn't give me a il, cuz I had my payday, expereince with you guys, forty years old with responsibilites at home, putting me out here for adventure, once in lifetime, been cmpensated.

jeff: Okay very vocal jury, closing statements

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Re: Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
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last statements..............
we see Janu vote for Tom
OMG Coby voted for Katie

machine gun
sober jury

Closing statements

Tom--uh, I came out here, you turn into a panic, you don't hide you are, good or bad, you saw Tom, I stuck with people who I said I stuck with, I hurt some other people along the way, I'm sorry about that, however you vote, there are no hard feelings on this end. I've loved these days.

Katie--I'm sorry I hurt anyone. Tom is a stand up guy, that's why I allied with him, with Ian. Give me a chance. I played with what I had. You might not respect it. You might not respect my sense of humor. I'm leaving with my self-respect, I might not be leaving with yours.