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Final Picks From Across The Boards with SNEWSER ADDED !!
« on: May 14, 2005, 06:14:56 PM »
Spoiled final Two ~ Tom & Katie per Mersaydeez


May 15 14 The Ultimate Shock Final two:
Katie and Tom
Tom wins
   :]  |#'


F4 IC: Tom /Boot: Jenn
F3 IC: Tom /Boot: Ian
Winner: Tom

Survior Fever
Episode  14: Winner:      Tom
2nd Place:  Katie
3rd Place:   Ian
4th Place:  Jenn


Survivor Shrine

winner ~ Tom

Sucks /Polls
winner~ Tom

Riii/ polls

Met Forums
IC1 ~Tom
Final Two ~ Katie & Tom
Winner ~ Tom


SurvivorThoughts From Iowa
1st ICWinner  ~ Tom
1st TC Boot ~ Jenn
2nd IC winner ~ Tom
2nd Boot ~ Ian
Winner ~ Tom

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« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2005, 01:46:28 PM »

Oy! What a party!
The ACME pre-finale party was a wild one last night, lasting well into the wee hours of the morning and your friendly neighborhood summary poster got himself a little ****faced (but, damn... those margaritas were good!) and just dragged his sorry butt out of bed only to find that the dog had eaten this week's summary writeup, which I can tell you was funny, with scathingly biting humor, set to the most amazing song parody you've ever heard.

I suppose I could post a picture of the dog, since that's the closest anyone's ever going to be to seeing the actual summary. But since this week's picks have really been pretty much a foregone conclusion since very early on (*Waves to Mer*) I'll just give a quick synopsis of how our vote turned out, with minimal snark along the way.

In another mostly physical challenge at F4IC, Tom towers over the competition in a "tower" based challenge, edging out fellow challengewhore Ian at the finish line.
In a stunning upset, the Core Koror Alliance™ that was handed to us on day 1 with the pick-em order sticks together and votes out Jenn

F3IC in another mind boggling twist in this "Season of Firsts" is, incredibly, an endurance challenge (*I'm shocked, SHOCKED!*) won once again by stubborn Irishman Tom. This time, though, it's not all his own prowess that prevails, though you know that it eventually would have... as Ian quits the challenge after hanging in for 11 hours and tells Tom to take Katie to the F2.

The jury vote is a 5-2 (or maybe 4-3... still some mild waffling on this) win for Tom


F4 Immunity Tom
F3 Immunity Tom (this is a recording...)
Finish Order Jenn - Ian - Katie - Winner: Tom