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Survivor Palau: Survivor Live Recap, Episode 13
« on: May 14, 2005, 11:44:13 PM »
Survivor Palau: Survivor Live Recap, Episode 13
by Brian Towers -- 05/14/2005

This week, Caryn Goedel answers questions from hosts Jenna Morasca and Dalton Ross in addition to calls from viewers. Does she regret her outburst at Tribal Council? What did she think of the Katie-Ian confrontation? Why didn't the women's alliance ever get it together? The answers are right here!

It’s time for week thirteen (on Friday the 13th, for all you loyal triskaidekaphobiacs out there) of Survivor Live – The Internet Talk Show, CBS’s interview and phone-in show. We’re almost at the end, folks! Fifteen booted Survivors have made an appearance on this show so far, with only four more yet to appear. This week, hosts Dalton Ross and Jenna Morasca are here with guest Caryn Goedel.

 My own comments are enclosed in square brackets like this [Why couldn’t Caryn keep a women’s alliance together?]

This week’s Survivor Live starts right out with Dalton telling us that there will be a bonus edition of Survivor Live on Sunday on the Red Carpet. Alas, he doesn’t say when, but maybe we’ll get that at the end of the show. Also, the Monday edition will be longer than an hour, though no time period is specified. [I’ll be recapping for days, I fear!] Additionally, the winner of Re-Play Survivor will be announced. [Zzzz!]

Dalton admits this was his favorite Tribal Council, and Jenna agrees. They liked it when Caryn called everyone out on their strategies and alliances. Dalton asks, “Where did it come from?” Caryn says, basically, she got fed up. All day, people were lying to each other and making multiple contradictory alliances. She was also pretty sure she was leaving and decided to “clean house” as she left.

Caryn says that Jenn “had no clue” about the game dynamics, she was truly surprised when the three women talked and the various deals with Tom were outed. Caryn can’t believe Jenn and Katie spent so much time together and apparently, they didn’t talked strategy.

Jenna thinks that mentioning that Ian won a new Corvette could have been used against him. It hadn’t occurred to Caryn.

They run the clip of Caryn spilling the beans at Tribal Council, and the reactions. Caryn’s reaction to Tom and Ian’s denials is a vehement, “That’s so not how it happened!” Jenna asks, “Does Tom ever smile?” Dalton says Tom handled it well by shifting focus to Gregg. Jenna notes he also put focus on Ian.

They take the first call, from Brooklyn. He wants to know why the guys this season are “so whipped?” He mentions Gregg asking permission of Jenn last week, and the Ian/Katie confrontation. Caryn tells us that the whole charade happened on the beach right in front of everybody.

Caryn thought it remarkable that Ian and Tom made fun of Gregg over his relationship with Jenn, yet here Ian with Katie was even worse. Caryn says that although the guys seem to be controlled by the women, the women didn’t take advantage of it.

When they were asked about voting out the men in confessionals, Caryn reminds us of the indecisive responses of the other women. Jenn said, “I’m considering it,” and Katie said, “I’m weighing my options.” She wonders why they had so much doubt. Stephenie was the only one ready to vote out men. Jenna points out, that was probably because it was Steph’s only option

Caryn said she went to Tom and spilled the beans about the existence of the first potential women’s alliance (the one including Stephenie) because she was sure the other women weren’t going to be committed to it.

A Florida caller compliments Caryn on her game play. Caryn notes that no one pulled her along like Jenn and Katie. The question is asked, if she had any regrets for her Tribal Council explosion? Her reply is, “No, it was cathartic. If I had gone out without speaking my mind, that I would have regretted.”

Caryn notes that if they really wanted Tom out, the other women didn’t need her, they could have approached Ian or Gregg. “So let’s not blame it all on Caryn,” she concludes.

Michael from Pittsburgh is next. Wait, he’s Jenna’s dad! He wonders why the women didn’t gang up on the men. Caryn says, “These are not strong women,” “My opinion, they’re playing for second place,” and, “Let’s for once in the history of Survivor, stick together to oust the men.” Alas, it was not to be. Bye, Jenna’s dad!

Jenna feels Katie had a better chance with the girls, because they would all have been pretty even in challenges. Caryn says it would also have helped her with the jury, she could be seen as “a player and not a glommer.” She may well have lost Tom and Ian’s votes, but gained the respect of all the rest.

Dalton takes a call from Billy from Jersey. He wishes Caryn had kicked Katie in the back of the head at Tribal Council. They laugh. He compares Jenn to Tina as a possible “dark horse.” Jenna says Tina was not a dark horse; she was pulling Colby along, mentally. Caryn doesn’t see it either, and feels Jenn needs to pull something out of the hat to win. Caryn does note that Jenn has no obvious enemies.

Jenn is usually third in the challenges, but as Dalton points out, she’s third by quite a lot. Jenna says that Jenn must know she’s at the bottom of the ladder. Dalton says she has cold feet, afraid to make the necessary move [Doesn’t sound very positive for Jenn].

Jenna appreciates that Tom and Ian are willing to do whatever it takes to win, and that’s what Survivor is about. Dalton accuses her of going soft on Tom because he’s coming Monday. Jenna says she’s looking forward to it so she can get her questions answered.

Endurance challenges are discussed. Usually women win, though Brian Heidik of Survivor: Thailand won it in his season. The one that they had earlier this season (standing on posts), Caryn gave up because she knew she was safe that week. She was, however, prepared to stand out there as long as it necessary.

Caryn notes that everyone paired up on her team except for her. She did pair briefly with Willard, but his negativity was overwhelming. She felt that to fit in, she had to hold her tongue and walk the fine line between being a wimp and being dominating. They note that it’s a social game, and Caryn felt she played the social part very well. Jenna notes that Caryn extended her time on the island significantly [last week, Gregg confirmed that pre-merge, she was next to go].

 Dalton noted on the Survivor: Insider clips she said that after Willard left, she changed her attitude to get closer to other players. Caryn says she tried to build friendships as a basis for future alliances. It was always her intention to play an honest and trustworthy game.

Caryn says she loved Coby, but he was talking SO much. If she has one regret in the game, she wishes she’d advised Coby to share his thoughts with fewer people – him, her, Gregg and Jenn, for example [I suspect Janu would have to be in there, too].

The next caller asks about Katie flipping alliances, and why wasn’t she a target? Caryn says, because Katie was easiest to beat in the finale [hint?]. Caryn says you can’t take a nice person to the finale.

Jenna says that in Survivor: All-Stars she was proposing to people that they take a previous winner (like herself) to Final-Two, since no one would vote a second million to anyone [That $250,000 for second covers a lot of disappointment, though]. They all agree no one will ever pull a “Colby” again [taking the person who can beat you to the final, instead of the one you can beat]. They all reiterate from last week that almost every winner has won differently, because people learn from earlier editions of the show and what worked before doesn’t work twice.

Caryn thinks Ian was truly ready to quit for Katie. [Wow! Whipped!]

They discuss Ian taking Tom on Reward. This surprised all of them, since that’s exactly how Gregg got zapped last week. Caryn says that Ian had made a lot of promises, and thinks he can’t even keep them straight. Dalton feels Ian should have taken Caryn on Reward, to keep her on their side.

Abbey from Ohio calls but doesn’t talk. Next!

They talk about Katie getting mad about Ian. Caryn reminds us, Katie was ready to dump his fire into the water in last week’s challenge quickly enough.

Linda from Michigan wants to know “what makes Tom a God.” Jenna makes a pointed, “No comment.” Caryn says he performed well in early challenges and got entrenched in the leadership role early. He built up a lot of good will and people became scared to go up against him. People had their chances to move on him, but didn’t. Comparing him to Thailand Brian (whom she calls “a jerk”), Jenna says, “Tom is not mean,” and, “Tom is so focused and stone-faced.”

Dalton notes Tom bullied Katie last episode, and Katie said he sucks. Caryn tells us Katie said everybody sucks at some point or other, so it’s meaningless. Someone calls Tom ruthless and Dalton says, “Smart, it’s working.”

The next caller refers to the new DVDs of Survivor: Australia and says this current group hasn’t suffered nearly as much. Although she’s complained that these folks are overfed before, Jenna jumps in to answer for some reason, saying that all Survivors are difficult. When Caryn can get in, she says it was hard enough. There was no food on the island, just a very small amount of fruit and the fish. They contemplated eating the rats, but didn’t. They all agree that Africa was the hardest. Caryn says, “We had mega-challenges. Very physical, very long.”

They run the clip that I referred to near the top, with the three gals talking about uniting to oust Tom. Jenn is SO clueless! Jenna thinks Jenn’s naïve reaction is “adorable,” but I say, hapless.

The hosts are amazed that at that point, the three of them seem to have it figured out, yet it fell apart. Caryn figures Jenn was told how to vote by Katie.

Caller Judy asks if Caryn approached Tom about getting Ian off. She did. She felt he was “the golden boy” up until recently, because he hadn’t lied. She figured no one could beat Ian in the Final-Two. Tom ran over to immediately tell Ian what she said. Caryn says, “You have to be careful who you talk to.”

Jenna thinks no alliances are solid at this point. She feels you have to approach it as, “I love you as my friend, but you gotta get out of my game.” But Katie [and Jenn] may not be strong enough to do that.

Jenna wonders if Ian may have foreshadowed things when on the Survivor Insider he said that friendship was more important to him than the million dollars.

Dalton notes, also from Survivor Insider that Caryn called herself a “Type A personality,” but some of the folks were “Type triple-A.” Caryn says she was surprised there wasn’t more of a mix. Jenn and Katie were the only ones one her tribe who were laid back. Tom and Ian were always working, and Coby was active a lot, too.
 Lisa from Ohio wonders if Caryn told the others she was an attorney. No. They also ask about jury seclusion, and the question is deflected. The exact workings of “jury seclusion” is a secret, folks! Caryn admitted to her tribe to being the director of a non-profit company, which she did before she became a lawyer [So, it was a half-truth].

 Elizabeth from North Carolina asks what was Caryn’s most rewarding experience on the island. It was the Reward they went on to visit the local tribe, being blessed by the chief and experiencing the culture.

Another Jersey caller compliments Caryn and asks if she picked Willard for strategy or friendship? Caryn admits it would have been a good strategy, but it wasn’t why she picked him. He was her friend – they bonded fetching water and slept in proximity [she said, “slept together” and they kidded her about her choice of words] on the first night. They did confess to each other that they were lawyers. Dalton tells us lawyers are like rats, they move in packs.

The clip of Katie and Ian going postal together is run. I like the Days Of our Lives-style music in the background, all violins and stuff. Jenna thought it was cute and after pretending to get all girly-weepy, Dalton says, “Oh, come on!”

Caryn says she’d have been more supportive if they hadn’t given Gregg so much grief over Jenn. Caryn thinks in this scene, Katie was “wringing it dry” and “acting.” Not Ian, though.

A Washington caller says Jenn should have been the one taken on Reward, leaving Tom in camp to take care of the other two ladies. They agree, that could have worked too. His question is, why didn’t the women’s alliance see the logic of them not being able to beat the guys in challenges? Caryn said they did [I take it Caryn really doesn’t know why the female alliance didn’t happen. Not that I do, either]. Jenna notes that sometimes, people over-think Survivor.

Jason from Omaha compliments Caryn [she does look very nice with a shiny pink/puce top and streaked blonde hair] and asks if Survivor will change the way she lives her life. Caryn says she’s always been very appreciative of everything in her life, but she gained a greater appreciation of her job, her family and herself. “I played with integrity. Dreams do come true, it was a dream to be on Survivor, even without the million bucks.” Jenna says that for many players, the experience is positive and life-altering if they can separate it. Dalton says, “ Lex .”

We must be getting near the end, as Dalton has them run the promo for the next episode – a final four celebration, and Tom and Ian plot. Not much there, Jenna notes. Caryn is looking forward to the reunion to see the folks she hasn’t seen in months, plus their families that she’s heard so much about. It’s in NYC. Caryn says she couldn’t wait for her turn at final Tribal Council – so it should be a doozy!

Jenna asks what’s next for Caryn? She’s going back to fighting Civil Rights abuses, and to her family. She’d like to get on a law-oriented TV show, either drama or real-life. She’s going home right after this interview for her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, and then flying to NYC for the Finale.

Dalton reiterates that they will be back Sunday for their “On the Red Carpet” special. Gosh, Dalton – WHAT TIME IS IT ON??!?? The website seems to indicate 8PM but it’s not clear if that means the actual show, or Live. Trust me, I’ll be watching the show and not my PC at 8PM Sunday! All I can suggest is, check back on the CBS site and see if they post better information.

On Monday, it will be an extended show. Dalton predicts Jenna will melt in front of Tom [Of course she will!]

Jenna liked this season, though it started “a little weird” [I assume she means, with all the quitters]. The fact that Koror was able to stay together so long and bond so well made for better fireworks when the inevitable breakdowns happened. Both hosts are looking forward to the finale.

They don’t make predictions this week either, so I won’t either [Write and ask me, if you’re curious].

Summary: (Or, What Did We Learn Today?)

Caryn stirred things up at Tribal Council because she was fed up with all the lying and duplicity in camp. She has zero regrets about it.
The whole Ian/Katie confrontation happened on the beach right in front of everybody. Caryn thinks Ian was 100% honest but Katie was possibly playing it up a bit.
Caryn sees Katie as a beatable person to be next to at Final Tribal Council.
Caryn saw Ian as “the Golden Boy” until the last few days.
On Day Three, Caryn picked Willard over Jonathan because they had already bonded.
None of the three lawyers (Willard, Jolanda and Caryn) admitted they were lawyers.
With two chances to oust Tom passed, the game play of Katie and especially Jenn seems to be fairly non-existent.
Thanks again to those of you who have emailed me. Let me know your new opinions at the address below.