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Author Topic: Congratulations Kendra !!  (Read 1768 times)

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Congratulations Kendra !!
« on: May 19, 2005, 09:12:30 PM »
I don't follow the Apprentice this season but caught the finale...Kendra was hired and is the New Donald Apprentice  ;)

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Re: Congratulations Kendra !!
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2005, 10:36:51 PM »
May 19, 2005
The Apprentice Winner is … Kendra Todd
First, we would like to thank Donald Trump for limiting The Apprentice 3 finale to one hour instead of trying to stretch it out to three hours like some other reality TV shows.  Everyone knew that Kendra Todd was going to win so there was no point in unnecessarily delaying the obvious.

Kendra Todd was quiet in the beginning, but emerged as one of the sharpest contestants ever on The Apprentice.  More than a few contestants on The Apprentice 3 left us scratching our heads wondering who in casting could have ever believed for a second that they were Donald Trump material.  Kendra stood head-and-shoulders above her fellow contestants. 

A pivotal turning point came for Kendra when she pulled an all-nighter in designing a brochure for the Pontiac Solstice Roadster after her teammates deserted her to go sleep.  Pontiac executives were so pleased with the brochure that they decided to use it for real.  Kendra single handily beat the entire Net Worth team. 

Another huge win for Kendra was when she was saddled with Craig, who she did not get along with, and still managed to pull out a victory in the Hanes t-shirt challenge.   
Kendra’s final victory was perhaps her strongest.  Kendra pulled off a video gaming event that was so successful that the sponsors wanted to hire her. 

Last week’s episode had ended with the cliffhanger of Kendra’s team and Tana’s team walking into the boardroom, but for some reason whatever happened with the teams in the boardroom was not aired during the finale.  We can only assume that Tana probably took such a beating from her team that Trump didn’t have the heart to air it.  Instead the finale started with a recap and then proceeded to a courtroom setting.  Tana and Kendra were on trial, while Trump and his team were the judges and their fellow Apprentice candidates made up the jury. 

Trump immediately lit into Tana telling her she lost control of her team and laughed at her team.  Trump was also appalled over Tana misplacing the American Flag.  Tana’s only defense in the end was that she made a mistake.  Trump then turned his attention to Kendra telling her, “I don’t like crying.  Especially in the boardroom.  You cried.  Is that a sign of weakness?”  Kendra delivered one of the best responses to Trump in Apprentice history by telling him, “I’ve seen 300 pound linebackers cry as they raise the Super Bowl trophy in victory.”  Kendra’s response drew cheers and applause from the crowd.

Trump told Tana and Kendra that their job choices would be between considering bids for hosting the Miss Universe Pageant from prospective cities and renovating a 68,000 square foot beach-front mansion in Palm Beach, Florida.  Tana said she would prefer the Miss Universe Pageant, while Kendra said she would prefer renovating the Palm Beach mansion. 

When Trump started praising Kendra for her work on the Pontica brochure, Tana jumped in and claimed that she was the reason the Pontiac executives loved the brochure.  Tana claimed that she came up with the shape of the brochure, and the shape was the reason they loved it.  Tana was so overzealous in claiming that she deserved credit for the brochure that some in the crowd booed her.  Kendra on the other hand gave Tana credit for the shape, but pointed out that there were a lot of design elements other than just the shape that the Pontiac executives liked about the brochure.

Trump tells Tana that while she started out strong, he just didn’t like the way that she treated her team in the last task.  On the other hand, Kendra flew under the radar in the beginning, but stepped up and knocked it out of the park in the final tasks.  Trump even got Tana to agree that Kendra had done great in the last two weeks of the competition.  Trump then told Kendra the magic words, “You’re Hired!”

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Re: Congratulations Kendra !!
« Reply #2 on: May 20, 2005, 04:06:58 AM »
Well I did follow The Apprentice this season. I thought this was a strange group, for some reason. There were lots of fireworks, especially early. You could tell there were lots of bad candidates, but it took a long time to finally get them all fired, and get down to the few really good ones.

Tana and Kendra were probably the two best. Tana was a little too bubbily for me. Kendra was young, but seemed to have the best head on her shoulders. I think she was the best candidate for the job!!!  :)


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